Multiple Offers

Strategies for helping your buyers' offers stand out when faced with a fast, low-inventory real estate market.

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Club Call - Multiple Offer Strategies

We are going to be re-examining how you work with buyers in an inventory-challenged market with some strategies for success. From prepping the buyers and getting them prepared for what it takes to win to working collaboratively with the listing agent and perks to include in your offer, we will give you the tools and strength to help your buyers compete.

Club Call - Multiple Offers

This month's incredible call was all about how to handle multiple offers and how to prepare your clients - whether they are a buyer or a seller - in a multiple offer housing climate. Inventory is low and multiple offers are becoming more common. Learn some new tricks to help your buyers' offers get noticed. You will not only learn how to prepare your buyers on how to write a competitive offer, but also under-employed techniques that make sellers think twice. It isn't always about the money!

Club Call - Talking to Clients About Inventory Shortages

The inventory challenges that many areas of the country are facing are not going to go away anytime soon, but now is not the time bury your head in the sand! The bottom line is anyone can buy in this market and you have would-be sellers in your database and in your pipeline who aren't making a move due to their perception of what is happening in the market as opposed to what their situation might actually be. Step one is communication and opening the doors to a conversation. What is the right message and how do you overcome their fears and concerns?

Club Call - Working With Buyers in a Tight Market

From preparation to crafting an offer, a tight market with low inventory, multiple offers, and rising prices offers a special set of challenges to buyers. The pace is too quick for some and there are many opportunities for buyers to melt down. How as an agent do you handle it all? Join us for a discussion about how to handle conflict and prepare buyers for the current market conditions in their desired area and price point.

Denise Live! Overcoming Low Appraisals

Low appraisals are a hazard in any market, but the risk increases with homes experiencing double-digit price appreciation and a low appraisal can cause all kinds of headache and heartache. So what’s the solution when the subject property appraises below market? Let's develop a problem-solving strategy that can make a difference.

Denise Live! Saving Home Buyers from Bad Decisions

Your buyers have reached a point where they are ready to do anything to make their next offer the winning one: writing love letters, offering rent-backs, and even waiving every and any contingency – but should they? You must walk a delicate line between offering opinions and offering options. Come to Denise Live and learn how to walk the line between the two.

Multiple Offer Checklist

When faced with a multiple offer, time is of the essence. Make sure you have your ducks in a row with the multiple offer checklist!

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