Discover the power and difference that video makes as a communication medium. We cover video email, tips for looking your best, and ideas for using video as a marketing tool in your business. Video is for everyone, even the camera-shy!

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Creating a Camera Presence, Part 1

We will be discussing the importance of bringing out your natural style in your videos. You will learn the importance of: story boarding to create interesting videos, dos and don’ts to showcase your style, pacing to keep the viewer intrigued.

Creating a Camera Presence, Part 2

Previously, in part one, we covered story boarding and pacing. In this webinar you will learn the latest software that is making it easier for agents to edit videos and how to create a video plan to boost your business.

Posting a Video to YouTube

Are you thinking about incorporating video into your business but aren't sure where to start or even how a YouTube channel works? Join Shauna as she provides an overview of YouTube's Video Manager, discusses the three ways you can post a video for a specific audience, reviews attention-getting titles and finally, how to write a description that gets the viewership you want.

Video checklist! But not without your video checklist.

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