Conflict Management

Without a doubt, there are plenty of opportunities for conflict in real estate, not just with buyers and sellers, but negotiations and conflict with other agents or even conflict with yourself. Learn win-win conflict management skills for a variety of situations and grow both your people skills and your business as a result.

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Club Call - March 2015 - Managing Transaction Conflict

People put all kinds of emotions into both money and property, so it's no surprise that different kinds of conflict appear during property transactions. We will be covering the conflict resolution formula and showing you a variety of examples of how it works - whether it is conflict with buyers or sellers, other agents, or other parties. We had lots of great questions during this call so listen in and enjoy!


Today we're talking about conflict - this is a subject that gets agents nervous and unfortunately holds them back. In this tip Denise introduces how to deal with conflict.

Conflict with Other Agents

When agents represent their clients' needs and these needs differ from your clients', there is bound to be conflict! However, sometimes this conflict rises above mere negotiations. How do you keep a cool head and keep conflict from getting ugly? Watch this Mastery Forum webinar recording and learn how from Denise!

Conflict With Other Agents, Part 2

Denise completes her two part series on conflict between agents on either side of a transaction. This time Denise addresses offer negotiation and rejection.

Conflict With Yourself

In this episode, Denise talks about situations where you are in conflict with yourself - situations where you upset yourself by breaking appointments and commitments that you have made to yourself.

How to Handle Any Objection

This CD will teach you how to handle objections in a way that will have you excited for the next one. Objections are a person's way of getting more information, stalling or getting ready to buy or sell. Learn these differences and you are home free. This CD will go through every possible objection while selling real estate and show you the successful way to handle every one of them. Also included is powerful material on how to negotiate and make situations win-win for everyone.

Overcoming Objections - The Inefficient Agent

In this episode, we're dealing with an agent on the other side of the transaction that is driving us crazy. She has done nothing that she's supposed to do and our buyer is getting ready to walk away from the transaction. How will Denise tell this agent exactly what it is that she's doing wrong and how will she to present it? Watch and see.

Personal Mastery, Part 2 - The Power of Saying No

In part two of three in Denise's Personal Mastery series, Denise addresses the art of saying, "No." Learn how the inability to say no is killing your time and what to do about it.

Personalities: An Overview

Not only is knowing your personality type important for determining the strengths and challenges you face when it comes to adjusting your business plan, it is also important for considering how you communicate with others. Familiarize yourself with this handy overview of the different personality-types and how it affects sales behavior, priorities, expectations, reactions to stress, how they treat money and much, much more.

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