Teams & Partnerships

What makes a good real estate team? How do you create a real estate partnership? Setting expectations and having a solid agreement in place helps prevent disagreements. We cover how to get partnerships going and keep them going here.

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Agent Coverage Worksheet

Going on vacation? Want to share business in a more-equal manner? No more giving away half your compensation to an agent who opens a few doors. This worksheet will allow you to look at a transaction in a more-equitable manner and give value to different components of the transaction. Agents are then compensated based on their contributions. It is fair and easy!

Denise Live! Transaction Negotiation

Whether you are discussing price and commission with a client, navigating a buyer offer or seller response, sending a referral, or even preparing to sign at a new brokerage - the ability to negotiate well is a critical skill in your tool box. Learn how to evaluate a situation, when to control your impulses, and what to watch out for when you are negotiating a transaction.

Making Your Real Estate Team Accountable

From assistants to transaction coordinators and buyer agents, when you work with more than just you, you need to know where everyone is on their projects and tasks. How best to keep it all together? With expectations and accountability! Join Shauna as she delves into some simple ways you can stay on top of what is going on and be in the know.

Partnership Agreement (blank)

Set yourselves up for success! An agreement is critical in any sort of business relationship. Because conflict is inevitable, it is important to discuss any potential conflict up front in order to manage expectations and create the smoothest path to resolution. As Denise likes to say,
"Agreements prevent disagreements."

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