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Brush up on your Excel, Word, Outlook and Microsoft Publisher skills with our step-by-step tutorials for getting things done.

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Microsoft Office: Replacing Images

Ready to add new images to your Microsoft Publisher template? Follow along as our designers show you how.

Microsoft Publisher: Easy Logo Color Changes

Is your branded logo getting lost on a busy background photo? Our design department offers a simple tutorial for addressing this problem.

Microsoft Publisher: Exporting to PDF

Commercial printers like using PDF files. Here is how to export a PDF from Microsoft Publisher.

Microsoft Publisher: How to Replace Missing Fonts

Missing a font? Learn how to set a replacement font in Microsoft Publisher in less than 60 seconds.

Microsoft Publisher: Saving to JPEG

Learn how to turn your finished Publisher project into a high-resolution JPEG image.

Microsoft Publisher: Turning Off Hyphenation

Hyphenation making your content hard to read? Learn how to turn hyphenation off in less than 60 seconds.

Organizing Your Client Database

Many agents know they need to organize their database, but they get stuck on how exactly to go about doing that. Should they just put everyone in there with no categories? Just have a category for past clients and nothing else? Should they note whether a client has provided them with referrals? What about if they are part of a niche market? Using Excel, Shauna show you how to put your database together, ideas for categories, and how sort your database so it is usable.

Outlook eStationery - Fixing Broken Images

Step-by-step instructions for fixing missing embedded image problems common to Outlook.

Publisher 2013: Photo Editing Tutorial

Follow along with Heather as she shows you how to update pictures in your branded business tools that were made with Publisher. In addition to some basic Microsoft Publisher tutorial,  Heather will also show you how you can organize your files; the difference between bleeds, margins and full-size files; how to deal with pictures that are the wrong orientation and more.

Publisher 2013: The Art of Manipulating Photos, Part 1

What do you do when your Publisher template is set up for a horizontal main property photo, but the one you want to use is vertical? How do you zoom in on just one element of a photo without having to stretch the area you are displaying it in? Learn this and more with CEO Shauna Naf, all in the context of creating a monthly mailer for your clients.

Publisher 2013: The Art of Manipulating Photos, Part 2

Join presenter Shauna Naf for part two of exploring how to manipulate photos in Microsoft Publisher. In part two we will be covering putting photos in places that aren't rectangular in shape, rotation, removing background colors, creating a watermark and more.

Snazzy Excel Graphs Template

You don't need to rely on your MLS's standard graphing options when it comes to displaying market data. Create your own Snazzy Excel Graphs! Most MLSs will allow you to download market data as a CSV file. Just copy that data into an Excel file and go to town! You can use this template as a place to start, but be sure to watch the accompanying video in which Shauna demonstrates how to create a variety of graphs based on: Active and Pending Numbers, Median Sales Price per Month, Median Sales Price per Year, Days on Market, Sales Price List Price Ratio, and New Listings By Week. She even included a Days on Market Tracker for Active Listings for you!

Using Excel and Year-End Data to Create a Mailer

Want to put together an amazing year-end report but are thwarted by boring-looking data? Shauna can save your report! Join her as she illustrates how to make your data do the talking.

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