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Brush up on your Excel, Word, Outlook and Microsoft Publisher skills with our step-by-step tutorials for getting things done.

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Creating Excel Graphs using Listing to Pending Ratios Tutorial

Want to learn how to make snazzy graphs in Excel? Take a look at this tutorial!

Denise Live! Creating Snazzy Market Graphs with Ease in Excel

As the real estate expert, you will often be called upon you to explain what’s going on in the market. Make your next graph a snazzy one that holds their attention with your own fonts, color, and unique style! Shauna shows you how to use MLS data to easily make four+ commonly needed graphs in Microsoft Excel.

Denise Live! Easy Graphs for Illustrating Your Market Story

Want to learn how to easily create a graph using your custom-run MLS stats? It is easier than you think! Sometimes a graph is just what you need to make your point. Join Shauna as she shows you what to look for in your MLS, how to take that raw data and make a graph, different graph types, and how to easily format to really bring the information to life.

Denise Live! Simple Infographics for Print and Social Media

Do you want to share MLS info but don't feel like you have the tools? Shauna will be guest hosting and will show you how to create interesting and simple infographics in Microsoft Publisher. We will show you how to set these up for print and for posting on social media.

Email Signatures: Outlook and Gmail

Is your email signature lacking or do you need help getting it installed? In this webinar we will be looking at a couple popular email platforms, including Gmail and Outlook, and answer a common question about using signatures on mobile devices.

Excel: Finding and Filters and Freeze Panes, Oh My!

Today we'll be showing you some easy-to-use features in Microsoft Excel which will help you organize your database with sorting and filtering tools. We will also learn how to freeze your panes like the top row so that your column headings stay put while you scroll through your database. During this webinar we will take a look at the basics of Excel organization that will greatly increase your ease of viewing and sharing of data.

Excel: Making Your Spreadsheet Smarter

Microsoft Office expert Heather Stevenson dives deeper into the powerful program of Microsoft Excel. This Mastery Forum presentation covers beginning formulas like Average, Sum, Minimum and Maximum, and how to setup conditional formatting. For example, maybe you want to have a days-on-market number in your Excel spreadsheet turn red when it goes over 60 days. We will also quickly review how to link your data and charts into your Publisher files.

How to Edit Text in Microsoft Publisher 2010 Tutorial

Tips and tricks for quickly getting content into your branded client article template.

How to Import a Graph into Microsoft Publisher

Follow along with The Lones Group CEO Shauna Naf as she shows you how to import a graph from a Microsoft Word document into Microsoft Publisher. We occasionally include graphs in our Club Zebra PRO content that you can send to your clients, here's how you can get that graph into your beautiful branding!

How to Mail Merge in Microsoft Publisher

Follow along with The Lones Group CEO Shauna Naf as she demonstrates step-by-step how you can quickly and easily create mailings for all of your clients by using the power of the mail merge function in Microsoft Publisher™.

How to Put Club Zebra Client Content into Your Mailer Template

Are you looking for the 5 minute version of how to take one of our monthly Club Zebra client articles and put it into your article mailer template that we built for you in Microsoft® Publisher™? Look no further and follow along in this quick end-to-end guide.

How to Whitelist Email Contacts

Learn how to prevent email from disappearing into your spam folder when it comes from people and business that are important to you. In this guide we cover how to whitelist email contacts for Gmail, Outlook 365, Outlook Web, Outlook 2019, AOL and Yahoo Mail.

Learning to Graph Market Data

Are you interested in having more ownership over market stats but aren't sure what to do with them? Join Shauna as she shows you how to track MLS information and how to create graphs. She will show you how to adjust the graphs as you add additional information, and how to customize the graphs with your own color and font palette. She will also show you how to save the graphs to be used in Microsoft Publisher and Powerpoint.

Linking Excel to Publisher with the Annual Client Review

Follow along with Heather as she demonstrates side-by-side how to connect your Microsoft Excel data and graphs to your Publisher templates. In this tutorial we will be doing this in our Annual Client Review product, but these skills can be applied to many different situations, like monthly mailers for your clients.

Linking Excel With Publisher

Learn how to connect Excel files with MS Publisher and easily publish beautiful graphs.

Mail Merge: Using Microsoft Publisher and Excel

If you are using letters in your business and want to harness the power of variable data, you may have a lot more power than you think! Learn more about how to add great details that help your potential sellers sit up and take notice. Shauna will be illustrating mail merge techniques using Microsoft Publisher and Excel.

Managing Microsoft Outlook's Contacts and Tasks

Microsoft Outlook is a powerful business and personal tool that can help you organize contacts and set-up single or recurring tasks. Join us as we look into how to add new, organize and create contact groups. We will also dive into the task tool that can help keep track and remind you of single, daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly tasks.

Microsoft Excel Cheat Sheet

Learn how to calculate the difference between two numbers, calculate turn-over or list-to-sale price ratio, create average sale prices and days-on-market, find the median home sale value among a set of sales, combine columns, and calculate the the difference between two dates to determine years-of-occupation or days-on-market.

Microsoft Office: Replacing Images

Ready to add new images to your Microsoft Publisher template? Follow along as our designers show you how.

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