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Tips for how to organize your files, install with fonts, navigate your computer and overcome common challenges.

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Deciphering the Alphabet Soup of File Types

You are making a banner, getting a shirt printed, or having a web ad done. What files should you be using or sending to your vendors? Join Shauna as she shows you why we have different files for different functions and how you can put this knowledge to work for you.

Downloading and Installing Your Fonts on Microsoft Windows

When you open your branding templates in Microsoft Publisher, do you get an error message about fonts? Does the font you see your branding not match the font from your branding proofs? If this is happening to you, your brand font is not installed. This video will show you how to download your brand's fonts and install them on your Windows PC.

Organizing Your Business Files

A complete system for keeping your business computer files orderly.

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