Using Your Branding

Learn how to use Microsoft Publisher, Adobe Indesign, and other parts of your real estate branding package. Get the most out of your branded templates with tutorials for extending their use and advice for using them effectively in your business.

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Seven Cool Things You Can Do With Your Logo

Bored with your client gifts? Want to add more wow factor to your open houses? Ready to step it up when it comes to leaving a lasting impression? Join Shauna as she provides you with seven (or more) interesting ways you can make promotional products work for you.

Touring the Business Foundations Tools

Business Foundations refers to your basic business tools - client care, identity and property marketing business tools like listing flyers, business cards and letterhead that are essential to your basic real estate agent business needs. Shauna will be giving you a tour today of these tools. Follow along with Shauna Naf as she shows you how to work with them and how they fit into your business.

Touring the Buyer Brochure

The buyer brochure can be a great piece to have at your open house, at a first time home buyer seminar and, of course, when working with potential buyers. Join Shauna as she shows you some different ideas for this document, from a four page brochure up to a multi-page package.  We'll cover printing, different formats, inserts and much more.

Touring the Geographical Farming System

If you are creating or refining your geographical farming system, join in as Shauna tours some basic tools and templates you will want to make sure your system includes as well as some extras that will knock your farm's socks off. We will discuss creating your mailing plan, targeting data, quarterly reports, event-driven materials, and an annual report that will crown you the consummate area expert. We will also discuss mailing options.

Touring the Listing Presentation Tools

Sellers want to be wowed by the agent they hire to sell their home and every listing presentation can be improved by the use of props. Take a tour with Shauna of the various listing presentation materials you might put to work for you, both agendas and several different kinds of listing presentation boards. We'll show you how to work with these tools and how to use them during your presentation.

Using Excel and Year-End Data to Create a Mailer

Want to put together an amazing year-end report but are thwarted by boring-looking data? Shauna can save your report! Join her as she illustrates how to make your data do the talking.

Using Microsoft Excel to Chart Market Data

One of the challenges agents have with research is that once they find the data, they don't have a system for showing this information to their clients. Shauna will show you how to create a chart in Microsoft® Excel using different sets of data, will address how to choose the best chart for your data, how to adjust colors and fonts in your chart, and finally how to get your chart into Publisher. You will learn about Shauna's mantra, "Right-click is your friend," and how to incorporate shortcuts as you develop your chart-making prowess.

Using ShareFile

Throughout your time with The Lones Group we will be creating a variety of files, systems and other resources for you. ShareFile is our platform for providing you with access to your final deliverables. This video will show you the variety of ways that you may encounter our ShareFile platform while working with us and how to use it.

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