Using Your Branding

Learn how to use Microsoft Publisher, Adobe Indesign, and other parts of your real estate branding package. Get the most out of your branded templates with tutorials for extending their use and advice for using them effectively in your business.

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Adobe InDesign: A Beginner's Guide

Join Shauna as she provides you with information on opening your files and link management, font management, color management, and of course, how to work with text and graphics.

Adobe InDesign: Advanced Editing

In this webinar, Shauna will cover some more-advanced features of InDesign including: advanced text formatting, strokes and fill options, transparency options, working with photo boxes, text wrap, text align, adding hyperlinks, PDF and saving options.

Adobe InDesign: Exporting to PDF

Commercial printers like using PDF files. Here is how to export a PDF from Adobe InDesign.

Adobe InDesign: How to Replace Missing Fonts

Missing a font? Learn how to set a replacement font in Adobe InDesign in less than 60 seconds.

Adobe InDesign: Replacing Images

Ready to add new images to your Adobe InDesign template? Follow along as our designers show you how.

Adobe InDesign: Replacing Logos

Has your brokerage updated its logo or have you switched to another firm? Here is how to update your brokerage logo in your Adobe InDesign branding files.

Adobe InDesign: Saving to JPEG

Learn how to turn your finished Adobe InDesign project into a high-resolution JPEG image.

Adobe InDesign: Turning Off Hyphenation

Hyphenation making your content hard to read? Learn how to turn hyphenation off in less than 60 seconds.

Battling the Database Doldrums

Join CEO Shauna Naf in this start-to-finish tour of creating a monthly mailer piece in Microsoft Publisher. We'll be sharing lots of great ideas for content and cover all the details of exactly how you can put together a monthly mailer, starting from a blank branded article template. If you have received your branding from us and are looking for an in-depth guide to creating your first mailer, this is a must watch video for you.

Branding Graphic File Types

Image file types you may encounter during the branding process and their use.

Choosing a Printing Vendor

Join Shauna for an exploration of print vendors. In this webinar we'll look at a variety of vendors, both on and offline. We'll discuss what to look for when choosing a vendor, questions you should ask before you commit, and what information you can provide to your new vendor to get your printing relationship off to a great start.

Create a Holiday Card with Your Brand

The holidays are coming! Want to make a festive statement from your business? Join Shauna as she shows you how to start with a fun business photo and create a memorable holiday marketing piece with a few different templates to suit different print options.

Deciphering the Alphabet Soup of File Types

You are making a banner, getting a shirt printed, or having a web ad done. What files should you be using or sending to your vendors? Join Shauna as she shows you why we have different files for different functions and how you can put this knowledge to work for you.

Denise Live! Professional Printing, Your Questions Answered

Over the lifetime of your business you are going to need a professional who can do far more than just mass produce listing flyers. A great printing service can be a boon to your professional image for years to come. Guest presenter Shauna Naf has worked with dozens of printers in many different situations and is here to help you with binding, ink, paper choices, finishes, bleeds, and tips for finding a terrific printing service in your area.

Downloading and Installing Your Fonts on Microsoft Windows

When you open your branding templates in Microsoft Publisher, do you get an error message about fonts? Does the font you see your branding not match the font from your branding proofs? If this is happening to you, your brand font is not installed. This video will show you how to download your brand's fonts and install them on your Windows PC.

Finding Fabulous Photos

Need to spruce up a mailer and give it life? Need a great photo for your buyer or seller package? Putting together a blog post and need it to pop? Join Shauna as she shows you some different stock photography sites, how to find good photos, stock photo site membership options, what you need to know about licensing and more!

Finessing Your Branded Templates

What do you do if you find you need a template at the last minute but don't necessarily have that particular template in your toolbox? Why, take a look at what you have and do some finessing! In this forum, Shauna will show you how to:

  • Create a home book cover out of a house flyer
  • Create an open house invitation out of a just listed card
  • Create a holiday greeting card with a note card template

The templates we give you are just the beginning of what you can do! Let your creativity run wild and get excited about the possibilities.

How to Add Bleeds to a Document for Professional Printing

What do you do when you have a file in either Microsoft Publisher or Adobe InDesign and you need to convert it to include printing bleeds? Follow along as Shauna shows you how it is done!

How to Edit Text in Microsoft Publisher 2010 Tutorial

Tips and tricks for quickly getting content into your branded client article template.

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