From choosing a system and managing the flood of email communication to connectivity and technical tips, this is your spot for everything email.

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Creating Graphically Compelling Emails

Want to add some pizzazz to your emails? Links are great but when you combine them with images it brings your emails to life! Join Shauna as she shows you how to easily take your emails up a notch using screenshots, the snip tool, and Microsoft Outlook to create memorable emails that cause your clients to take action.

Email Communication Samples

At a loss for words? Let us help. Here are three sample emails that cover a range of typical follow-up scenarios.

Email Management Tips

It's about time we had a little discussion about email. It is one of the biggest challenges I see agents dealing with every day. I bet you know what I mean. It starts in the morning like a slow drip of a faucet - one, two, three, and then suddenly there are ten email messages waiting for you. Before you know it, your inbox is cluttered.

Email Signatures: Outlook and Gmail

Is your email signature lacking or do you need help getting it installed? In this webinar we will be looking at a couple popular email platforms, including Gmail and Outlook, and answer a common question about using signatures on mobile devices.

Getting Organized with Microsoft Outlook

Join hosts Heather Stevenson and CEO Shauna Naf as they walk you through getting organized with Microsoft® Outlook™. In this introductory webinar we'll be showing you systems for organizing your email into folders, how to setup automatic signatures and tricks for sorting through and searching your email archives.

How to Whitelist Email Contacts

Learn how to prevent email from disappearing into your spam folder when it comes from people and business that are important to you. In this guide we cover how to whitelist email contacts for Gmail, Outlook 365, Outlook Web, Outlook 2019, AOL and Yahoo Mail.

MailChimp: Creating an eNewsletter

Have you been wanting to supplement your database mailings with an emailed newsletter? Or do you have potential clients who have not given you their physical address and you need a way to reach out? Join Shauna as she shows you how to create an email newsletter in MailChimp. It is much easier than you think.

Outlook 2010/2013 - How to Install eStationery

For Windows Vista/7/8 Operating Systems

Outlook eStationery - Fixing Broken Images

Step-by-step instructions for fixing missing embedded image problems common to Outlook.

Outlook Power Tips for Staying Organized and Communicating Clearly

Join Heather as she shows you additional ways to keep organized and improve your communication in Microsoft Outlook. We will talk about setting up and using categories, customizing columns, asking for read receipts, using the "direct replies to" option and inserting photos into the body of your email.

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