Social Media

Strategies for building a social media presence and leveraging it for marketing, lead generation and staying in touch with your sphere.

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LinkedIn 2017

The LinkedIn social network just underwent its biggest visual change since it launched in 2002, with a major overhaul to streamline its interface. We'll be taking a look at what has changed, where to find some of your favorite features that have moved and how these changes may impact your profile strategy.

LinkedIn for Real Estate Professionals, Part 1: Setting Up Your Profile

Is your LinkedIn account luxuriating unused, unappreciated, out-of-date or just simply non-existent? Then you're missing out on the opportunity to easily network with other agents, to have a high-ranking page for search engines to index, and to be a part of one of the top networks that potential buyers and sellers use when validating you as a professional. In part one of this two-part series we'll be covering how to setup your profile as a real estate agent.

LinkedIn for Real Estate Professionals, Part 2: Leveraging Your Profile

Now that we have a professional looking profile it's time to put it to work. It's time for our profile to be more than just a validation tool. In this webinar we will be looking at how to build connections, gain endorsements, and ask for recommendations - the gold of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn for Real Estate Professionals, Part 3: Leveraging the Community

Previously we've built a strong LinkedIn profile, built connections, and sought endorsements and recommendations. In this webinar we'll be looking at additional strategies for growing our influence through LinkedIn. We'll be covering participating in groups, how to share content with your network and LinkedIn's blogging platform.

Managing Your Online Business Outreach with Hootsuite

Join us in this beginner's webinar where we will be looking at the Hootsuite service and how you can use it to save time on business communication by accessing all of your social networks from one convenient location. We'll walk you through account setup, connecting your social media accounts, a tour of the Hootsuite dashboard, and composing and scheduling messages for your social networks.

Niche Marketing IV - Social Media

In part four of this five part series on niche marketing, Denise talks about how and why it is so important to use social media to connect with your niche.

Organizing Your Content

Do you regularly post on social media? Do you do videos or blog? Do you utilize articles and create other content? If you are like most people, determining the idea for the what to post or write about can almost be as cumbersome as the writing or content creation itself. Join Shauna as she shows you how to keep track of your content and ideas to keep your creative mind flowing!

Posting a Video to YouTube

Are you thinking about incorporating video into your business but aren't sure where to start or even how a YouTube channel works? Join Shauna as she provides an overview of YouTube's Video Manager, discusses the three ways you can post a video for a specific audience, reviews attention-getting titles and finally, how to write a description that gets the viewership you want.

What You Should And Shouldn't Be Doing Online

With so much of our world online nowadays, it’s a wonder agents don’t go crazy making decisions about what they should be doing with their computers. Blog sites. Social networking sites. Business networking sites. Video sites. It can feel overwhelming.

Your First YouTube Channel

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, has as many users as Facebook, and it reaches more U.S. adults between 18 and 34 than any cable network. If you want to boost your business and reach more millennial prospects, it's a great place to attract their attention. In this webinar we'll be walking you through how to setup a YouTube channel, how to upload a video and video options, and how to personalize your new channel with your own branded look. Presented by Randy Bowers, Director of Technology.

Your Online Profiles: Drive Free Traffic to Your Door

Are your prospects impressed when they search for you online?

Your Online Profiles: Zillow, Trulia, LinkedIn &

Put the power of the internet to work for you! Join Shauna as she guides you through what makes a great online profile on Zillow, Trulia, LinkedIn, and If you want the type of spontaneous - and free -  publicity that makes people, then come learn more.

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