Social Media

Strategies for building a social media presence and leveraging it for marketing, lead generation and staying in touch with your sphere.

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3 Ways to Discover Shareable Real Estate Content

Whether you are a blogger looking for ideas for your next masterpiece or just need something interesting to share to your Facebook page, having a regular source of content is useful, demonstrates how you are connected to your industry, and helps inform and build your base of followers. Learn three ways that you can reliably discover shareable news at today's Mastery Forum.

5 Social Media Mistakes Agents Often Make

Over the past two-decades-plus we've seen all manner of social media mistakes and a common theme runs through all of them - many agents aren't taking the time to think about how their profiles look to potential clients.

Bing Places for Business

Bing powers 33% of all online searches and offers business listings which are shown in search results, in Bing Maps, and which are used by Microsoft's digital assistant, Cortana. In this webinar we will show you how to setup a Bing business listing to extend your online visibility.

Club Call - Converting Internet Leads

Over the previous two months we have talked about why a website is an important lead generation channel, how to create great content and how to attract visitors and subscribers. This month we'll be taking those visitors and turning them into prospects. Denise has some great conversion facts for you, a step-by-step process for lead conversion and rules that you can build into your business today that will make a difference in how well you nurture your online leads.

Creating a Google My Business Listing

Without a strong search engine presence, when people search for you by name they may think you aren't serious about your business. The single best way to dominate searches for your business is by claiming a Google My Business profile. We'll show you how and the many benefits included in this crucial online marketing presence.

Denise Live! All About Online Reviews

Online reviews can be a big boon to your business, yet many agents overlook or even avoid asking for reviews altogether. It’s time to change that. Learn how to ask for and receive quality reviews, where people should find your reviews, and how to respond to reviews – even bad ones!

Denise Live! All-Star LinkedIn Profiles

LinkedIn is an essential tool for positioning yourself as a real estate expert. It’s not just talk! We have seen agents nail some big transaction deals because of LinkedIn. Guest expert and Lones Group CEO Shauna Naf shows you how to take your LinkedIn profile beyond All-Star.

Denise Live! Facebook Advertising

Follow along with Denise Lones and learn why Facebook is a great place to get your advertising feet wet. We’ll be looking at some example marketing campaigns, what makes them work, and considerations for you to follow as you begin your advertising journey.

Denise Live! Improving Your Local Presence, Online

Do you want your business to show up more often when locals search for your services? Follow along with Randy Bowers, Director of Technology at The Lones Group, for a tour of local website features, social media tips, and online directories designed to improve your online presence where it matters most - locally!

Denise Live! Simple Infographics for Print and Social Media

Do you want to share MLS info but don't feel like you have the tools? Shauna will be guest hosting and will show you how to create interesting and simple infographics in Microsoft Publisher. We will show you how to set these up for print and for posting on social media.

Facebook Events for Real Estate

Take a tour of Facebook's Events feature. We will discuss different kinds of events that you might use this advertising feature for, how settings work, and various ways that you can get your event in front of the right Facebook audience.

Facebook: Ad Retargeting

When advertising, your objective is to put your services in front of people most interested and likely to take action. Retargeting is the practice of marketing to people who are already familiar with your brand and interested in your content. In retail, consumers who are retargeted are 70% more likely to convert. Join us for a webinar that shows you how to leverage this strategy when marketing your services to potential real estate clients.

Facebook: Introduction to Marketing

How to decide if marketing on Facebook is a good fit for your business strategy, a beginner's tour of the Ads Manager and we'll also cover three basic Facebook advertisement strategies for real estate agents.

Facebook: Measuring Marketing with the Facebook Pixel

If you are spending money at Facebook to drive traffic to your website, the Facebook Pixel is an essential tool for tracking those visitors once they arrive at your website. At this webinar we'll show you how to get your Pixel and how to add it to your WordPress website.

Finding Fabulous Photos

Need to spruce up a mailer and give it life? Need a great photo for your buyer or seller package? Putting together a blog post and need it to pop? Join Shauna as she shows you some different stock photography sites, how to find good photos, stock photo site membership options, what you need to know about licensing and more!

Going Hyper-Local

Establishing yourself as the local go-to expert takes work, but pays in rewards. Ready to up your local presence? Guest expert Randy Bowers has the answers you are looking for: from choosing your target audience, to building expertise, to developing rapport, and an online plan to support it.

How Connected Do I Need To Be?

There is a lot of emphasis on social media these days. Do agents really need to be connected with social media to be successful in this line of business? Denise says, "Yes and no." Watch to learn why!

How to Verify Your YouTube Channel

A quick tutorial on how and why you should verify your YouTube Account

LinkedIn 2017

The LinkedIn social network just underwent its biggest visual change since it launched in 2002, with a major overhaul to streamline its interface. We'll be taking a look at what has changed, where to find some of your favorite features that have moved and how these changes may impact your profile strategy.

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