How to find a real estate assistant, what responsibilities to delegate, and why having an assistant could be key to growing your business.

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Agent Coverage Worksheet

Going on vacation? Want to share business in a more-equal manner? No more giving away half your compensation to an agent who opens a few doors. This worksheet will allow you to look at a transaction in a more-equitable manner and give value to different components of the transaction. Agents are then compensated based on their contributions. It is fair and easy!

Club Call - Assistants

Join Denise for a tele-coaching call about assistants. We'll cover everything you've wondered about assistants, including: how to tell if you are ready for one, how to integrate an assistant into your business, the right level of compensation, whether to find a licensed or unlicensed assistant, where you can find a skilled and trainable assistant, and how to find an assistant that will mesh well with your personality style.

Club Call - The Right People on Your Bus

From assistants to even having reliable lenders, handymen, transaction managers and more, there are a lot of people involved in a transaction. First, we are going to explore how to get the wrong people off your bus and then, how to get the right folks on!

Hiring and Keeping Great People, Part 1: Let What You Need Dictate Who You Need

This is the first in a series of three from CEO Shauna Naf. In this webinar we'll be talking about how task management and delegation should drive your search for the perfect candidate. Shauna will be addressing some of the common tasks a busy real estate agent needs to delegate and how to fit the right personality type for the task list.

Hiring and Keeping Great People, Part 2: Attracting and Evaluating Great Candidates

Shauna will be reviewing mediums for advertising and word-of-mouth techniques for spreading the word about your hiring intent. But what happens if you are inundated with resumes? Shauna makes narrowing down the field a breeze! She also discusses the interview process and how to get beyond the list of interview questions to find clues about how your interviewee will actually perform for you.

Hiring and Keeping Great People, Part 3: Training and Performance

So many great people are hired who never live up to their potential because they haven't had valuable interaction with their employer. Shauna will be illustrating how to set up a plan for expectations, accountability, and appreciation that allows an employee to not only be good, but great, as they grow into their role. This is part three in Shauna's hiring series and I encourage you to take a look at parts one and two which covered identifying needs and hiring the right person.

How to Build Your Business Using an Assistant

Most Real Estate agents that need an assistant don't get one because they are worried about training them. Perhaps you are too busy to train an assistant or just worry that you wouldn't know what to do with one if you had one. Learn how to find the perfect assistant for your personality type and business style and learn how easy it is to keep them busy with task oriented duties. Learn to leverage your time and multiply your income using an assistant.

How to Hire an Assistant

Learn how to hire assistants for your real estate business. We'll  be covering all the different types of assistants that are out there, the difference between employees and contractors, how to pay them, how to create a job description, liability concerns, where to find an assistant and much, much more. If you're even curious about taking the step of growing your business and hiring an assistant, this is an essential primer for you. Don't overlook the Resources for Hiring as Assistant document in the Related section below too!

Increase Your Business - Decrease Your Workload With an Assistant

Have you hired an assistant? Learn why doing so may be worth your consideration.

Resources for Hiring an Assistant

Are you thinking of hiring an assistant? Here is a compilation of great resources that are available online as well as a job description for your job posting and a quiz that you can offer your assistant candidates.

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