Brokerage Leadership

Whether you lead a team of real estate agents or you lead a brokerage, your people skills make a difference. We cover agent recruitment, meeting formats, accountability and more right here.

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BRAgent Review Report

Ready to kick your agent accountability up a notch? This handy Word Document provides the template for you to perform your quarterly or annual production review with an agent. The Excel file will populate the graphs to include by inputting their production details. Having visuals of their graphs provides good discussion points and helps both the agent - and you - be on the same page regarding their numbers.

Club Call - The Right People on Your Bus

From assistants to even having reliable lenders, handymen, transaction managers and more, there are a lot of people involved in a transaction. First, we are going to explore how to get the wrong people off your bus and then, how to get the right folks on!

How to Lead Your Office to Unprecedented Success

If you are an office manager or owner you have to learn what it is your agents want from you, their leader. Learn to set up an environment that will create successful agents which in turn create a successful and thriving office for you. Learn the system that Denise uses to build offices from nothing special into something spectacular. You will not only hear about these successes you will also be given the exact blue print for duplication. Denise will walk you through a step-by-step plan she guarantees will dramatically improve and enhance your office performance and success.

Recruit Today for Increased Profitability Tomorrow

One of the biggest challenges facing brokers today is recruiting productive agents.

Our white paper, "Recruit Today for Increased Profitability Tomorrow," addresses many of the core challenges faced by brokers today, offering ideas and inspiration for successful recruiting.

Denise Lones takes the fear out of recruiting and knows how to help brokers successfully build profitable offices. During her time as a managing broker, she used her custom recruiting plan to revitalize a brokerage that was at the bottom of the market place, moving it to the #1 position in just 18 months. She specializes in working with brokers to help them build stronger, more profitable teams through recruiting and retention.

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