Listing Conflict & Negotiation

There is a lot of room for stress and discomfort when listing a home, whether its a price reduction or counseling a seller on an offer, learn the skills that reduce conflict, set expectations, and create a wow experience.

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Denise Live! Enabling Sellers to Sell

Listing inventory is tight, so what can you do when there aren’t enough listings to go around? It is time to take action and find the sellers who would sell if only they had the right information to give them confidence – and you are the expert equipped to help them!

Denise Live! Finding the Win-Win, Conflict Resolution with Promoters

When their conflict is directed at you or towards the other side of the transaction, promoter personalities can be a challenge to solve problems with. Whether they are moving on with their own solution, not responding to a deadline, or you’ve somehow just pushed their red button. How do you reign it in and close the deal? We’ll be looking at how all personalities can both avoid and resolve conflict with their next Promoter client.

Denise Live! Keeping Transactions Together with Badly Behaving Clients

The emotional roller-coaster of a home transaction can bring out the worst in some people. Clients can be demanding, divas, dysfunctional and more. Learn how to identify potential red-flags, how to address them early, how to navigate back to success when it falls apart, and when it is time to cut your losses.

Denise Live! Overcoming Obstacles - Conflict Resolution with Controllers

Controllers can be tough negotiators. They make quick decisions and solve more problems before breakfast than you might solve in a day. Like anyone, they are not always right - but they want to be right more than anyone. So unless you have confidence, they may have already made up their mind. Today we'll be covering the ins-and-outs of problem solving and closing with controllers for any personality.

Denise Live! Price Reduction Conversations

Price reduction conversations can be a business minefield, but we are here to help you tread with grace and expertise. Learn how to navigate price reductions and turn pricing conflict into pricing partnership with skills like: setting expectations, now-market-pricing, and being able to clearly explain the pros-and-cons of a stay-or-reduce situation to even the most stubborn of clients.

Denise Live! Rent-Backs: Do It Right and Don't Get Sued!

Sellers are looking at rent-backs as a solution for having more time in a tight buyer market – but what if the seller decides not to leave? What if the home is damaged during the rent-back period? These situations and more can put your clients, and maybe even you, in legal limbo.

Denise Live! Tanks for Nothing, Dealing with Underground Issues

Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it won’t create a huge problem for your transaction. Underground anything – especially oil tanks – can be one of the most problematic issues in a real estate transaction. When should you panic and where do you start with finding a solution? Join us for a conversation on maneuvering through decommissioning laws and client guidance along the way.

Denise Live! Troubleshooting Unsold Listings

Similar listings have since listed and sold at similar price to what your seller is offering, but your listing is still adding days-on-market. Is it the marketing, the area, the price, or something else? Get advice for how to put on your detective hat and figure out what’s really going on so that you can approach your client with a confident recommendation. Don’t miss it!

Difficult Client Conversations

Whether it's commission, disclosure requirements, inspection negotiations, financing errors, listing price changes, time-conflicts, enforcing your business boundaries or something else - there are endless possible challenges for a transaction. How you approach "difficult conversations" matters. Denise will show you how to negotiate these dangerous waters, how to survive them, and how to turn them into something positive.

How to Handle Any Objection

This CD will teach you how to handle objections in a way that will have you excited for the next one. Objections are a person's way of getting more information, stalling or getting ready to buy or sell. Learn these differences and you are home free. This CD will go through every possible objection while selling real estate and show you the successful way to handle every one of them. Also included is powerful material on how to negotiate and make situations win-win for everyone.

How To Win At The Negotiation Game

Negotiation has a bad reputation. From the old image of a used car salesman in a checked sport-coat to the big bank deals we see reported on the nightly news, negotiation has taken on a nasty image. But it shouldn't. Negotiation is an art. It need not be the cruel and cutthroat monster that it appears to be.

Listing Cancellation Letter

Not sure how to end the relationship in writing after you've spoken with your clients? After you have received the documents to release the listing, send a letter thanking them for the opportunity to work together.

Multiple Offer Spreadsheet

Need to present the bottom line to your sellers in a multiple offer situation? Download now!

Overcoming Objections - Cat Smell

This segment, Denise needs to talk to a seller about a very sensitive issue that she has had feedback on from every single person that has seen her home. Not only are buyers complaining, but visiting agents are complaining too. Watch and see how Denise handles this very sensitive topic with this very sensitive seller.

Overcoming Objections - Low Offer Response

In this segment of Overcoming Objections, Denise meets with a seller because she's received an offer on the seller's home. But, the seller doesn't even want to talk to Denise and is very upset. What has gone wrong? Watch to find out.

Overcoming Objections - She Will, but He Won't

Today Denise is back at a seller's home. They received an offer last night. The wife loves the offer, but the husband doesn't. The challenge is, how are we going to get them to both to agree to sell this home? Is it in their best interest? Let's find out!

Overcoming Objections - The Inefficient Agent

In this episode, we're dealing with an agent on the other side of the transaction that is driving us crazy. She has done nothing that she's supposed to do and our buyer is getting ready to walk away from the transaction. How will Denise tell this agent exactly what it is that she's doing wrong and how will she to present it? Watch and see.

Overcoming Objections - The Low Offer Proposition

In this segment, Denise is going to be talking to a buyer that she just took out to look at homes, and the buyer is really excited because she's ready to write an offer. We've looked at a home that's listed at $450,000 - and she has an interesting request of Denise before the offer is put in.

Overcoming Objections - The Unlocked Door

In this episode, Denise has to meet with a seller who is very, very angry with her. Something happened at an open house that Denise held for her home. She is beyond mad and Denise has to deal with this classic case of conflict. Watch how Denise does it.

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