Listing Conflict & Negotiation

There is a lot of room for stress and discomfort when listing a home, whether its a price reduction or counseling a seller on an offer, learn the skills that reduce conflict, set expectations, and create a wow experience.

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Agent Coverage Worksheet

Going on vacation? Want to share business in a more-equal manner? No more giving away half your compensation to an agent who opens a few doors. This worksheet will allow you to look at a transaction in a more-equitable manner and give value to different components of the transaction. Agents are then compensated based on their contributions. It is fair and easy!

Client Questions That Make You Cringe

We've all heard them, even if you've only been licensed for a few months, it's the questions that clients and prospects ask you that make you cringe inside. Clients who want commission discounts, sellers who don't want to do repairs to their home, buyers who demand everything on an inspection be fixed. It's enough to drive an agent crazy! Listen in to how you can effectively approach these situations as we role play through these scenarios and more.

Club Call - Dealing with Disaster Listings

What do you do if an upcoming listing is a disaster? From working with hoarders to homes that are downright dangerous to enter, Denise will cover the steps you can take to not only get creative, but how to talk with your sellers about the challenges and identify possible solutions.

Club Call - Delivering Bad News

You may have a seller who is unrealistic on price, a buyer who doesn’t have the budget for what they want, a partnership that just is not working out, or even a photographer who doesn’t know what they are doing. As sales people, we want to connect and make everything work, but sometimes it is costing you time, money, headaches, and dragging out the inevitable isn’t good for anyone. But how do you frame up a tough conversation and try to end on a positive note?

Club Call - Inspection Objections

From talking to sellers about the benefits of a pre-inspection to discussing inspection findings with your buyers, negotiations and more, Denise will tackle the tough objections both buyers and sellers have around this sensitive topic.  

Club Call - Managing Transaction Conflict

People put all kinds of emotions into both money and property, so it's no surprise that different kinds of conflict appear during property transactions. We will be covering the conflict resolution formula and showing you a variety of examples of how it works - whether it is conflict with buyers or sellers, other agents, or other parties. We had lots of great questions during this call so listen in and enjoy!

Club Call - Overcoming Conflict with Ease and Poise

It is easy to get worked up when someone questions your integrity or if they are making a problem into a much bigger issue than it really is. Denise shares an easy-to-follow formula that will help you take control of yourself, allowing you more control of the situation.

Club Call - Transaction Conflict

When you master being able to handle conflict - and that doesn't mean you'll be able to change every outcome - then you will have grown in being able to control yourself and produce more win-win situations, approach conflict with more confidence and reduce the overall stress of a profession that is frequently visited by conflict. Listen as we talk about how to effectively set and manage expectations, whether you are in a multiple offer situation, price setting, or the dealing with inspection report reactions.

Club Call - Your Listing is Next to What?!

How many times have you gotten a call from a homeowner ready to sell, only to arrive at the house and find the house is next-door to a problem? From hoarders to perpetual remodelers, outspoken political critics, and even people who are just downright mad about boundary line debates, trees, and even wayward pets, what do you do when a listing has the potential to be a disaster? We are going to address it all and welcome your scenarios as well!


Today we're talking about conflict - this is a subject that gets agents nervous and unfortunately holds them back. In this tip Denise introduces how to deal with conflict.

Conflict with Clients

Today transactions are harder than ever to close, they're harder to put together and there are a lot of emotions tied up in the whole deal. But what about when the conflict is between your client and you? How do you deal with that?

Conflict with Clients

Conflict that arises during a transaction is almost inevitable. With clients buying or selling what is largely their largest asset, financial requirements from a lender with stringent standards, and deadlines down to the wire, conflict with clients is bound to happen. However, how do you stay composed and assume the role of a problem-solver without succumbing to the drama yourself? Denise will be addressing this question and more in this Mastery Forum.

Conflict With Other Agents, Part 1

In this two part series Denise tackles how to handle conflict with agents on the other side of the transaction. Learn how to effectively get through this difficulty and not let it sabotage your transaction.

Conflict With Other Agents, Part 2

Denise completes her two part series on conflict between agents on either side of a transaction. This time Denise addresses offer negotiation and rejection.

Denise Live! Building Bridges: Conflict Resolution with Supporters

Supporters often struggle with conflict, preferring to stay as far from it as possible, but when you’re in a transaction there can be some tough decisions to be made. So what’s the solution when your supporter client is overwhelmed? How you help them negotiate a strong deal that doesn’t end with anxiety is going depend on your own personality.

Denise Live! Building Successful Relationships

Everyone knows, real estate is a relationship business - whether it’s a listing presentation, a negotiation, or in your marketing. This September we’re going to be looking at communication skills for working with different personalities – how to read your client, a broker, or even a family member, so that you can effectively understand and respond to their needs. Understanding personalities is key to reducing relationship stress, avoiding communication mistakes, marketing your business, and so much more.

Denise Live! Conflict Awareness and You

Personal and professional conflict can do a lot of damage to your stress and ability to perform, ultimately hurting your success. Previously, we've looked at how the "conflict resolution circle" provides a system for working through conflict. This week we are taking a closer look at how your personality influences your conflict strategy.

Denise Live! Dealing With Imploding Transactions

Today’s housing market combines limited inventory with coronavirus complications, a recipe for tough transactions. Join real estate coach Denise Lones for a conversation on how to keep a level head, counsel clients, and navigate to the finish line when you have a transaction that is blowing-up.

Denise Live! Don't Fall In to the Pricing Trap

Think you’ve won the listing? Not so fast. It’s time to have the pricing talk. Your seller knows they have what is in demand, they’ve been watching listings in their neighborhood and they know in their hearts that their home is even better. Are you ready to bring them back to reality without alienating your seller?

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