It's all about price! As a real estate agent you have a great deal of influence over setting pricing expectations and guiding price decisions. Learn how to approach pricing discussions that set the stage for a successful transaction.

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Assessed Value Analysis

Pricing a home can be difficult. We recommend arriving at a price range a few different ways. Sellers are already looking online and getting confused by the myriad of prices they see for their own property and CMAs they receive from other agents. In order to be different and to have sellers have confidence in your pricing, you need to have more proof than other agents. The Assessed Value Analysis is a great way to look at price a little differently and to gain that confidence.

Calculating Appreciation Rates

Want to calculate appreciation rates but not sure how to start? Read this for some great advice!

Club Call - June 2014 - Avoiding Pricing Pitfalls

No comps for the property? Small buyer pool? Home needs updating? The bottom line is "houses sell if they're priced well." Listen to our June Club Zebra call as Denise shares the pricing pitfalls that agents face and what to do about them. If you have properties that linger on the market, she'll show you how to fix the problem and deepen the buyer pool to get your properties SOLD. Curious about how to price different waterfront properties? How to compete with agents who overprice at listing presentations? This call has that and more.

Denise Live! Don't Fall In to the Pricing Trap

Think you’ve won the listing? Not so fast. It’s time to have the pricing talk. Your seller knows they have what is in demand, they’ve been watching listings in their neighborhood and they know in their hearts that their home is even better. Are you ready to bring them back to reality without alienating your seller?

Denise Live! New Listing Presentation for the New Market, Part 1

Today’s sellers are more savvy than ever before. You need to understand their way of thinking and their expectations from a real estate professional, they want a market expert with strategies that will help them win. In other words, in order for you to win, you need to adapt your listing presentation. In part one of this two part series we will be discussing seller psychology, strategy, and the opening conversation you must have with every seller.

Denise Live! Pricing Strategies for Homes with No Comps

Top among agent frustrations is when you take on a new listing only to discover that the home you need to price has absolutely no comps. Where do you begin and how do you get it right. Denise has several strategies to get you on the right track, even when the surrounding market is quickly appreciating in value. Learn how to price right, even when you have no comps.

Homes Pended and Sold Template

This Publisher template is formatted to highlight homes pended and sold. Please follow your MLS rules about publicizing other agents' listings.

Housing Affordability

This is the moment in history, right now, where your clients can afford as much home as they can based on the affordability index that we have right now. What is the housing affordabililty index? What does it mean? Watch and learn.

How To Use the Assessed Value Analysis

Assessed values can be a handy yardstick to measure against the market. Homeowners receive property taxes based on their assessed values every year. Learn how to use this figure to talk about the real estate market. The Assessed Value Analysis is an easy worksheet that you can use for a number of different occasions from helping you determine market price to talking with your sellers about a value they are familiar with and more! Presented by Shauna Naf, CEO.

It Really Is All About Price

For years, I've talked about the power of pricing properties correctly. As a real estate agent, you can have everything else in place - great marketing materials, a powerful network of contacts, and listings galore. But if you don't use the power of corrective pricing, then you're in a fancy rowboat without a paddle.

Median Price Appreciation Calculator

A quick tool for calculating how much the market is changing over time, year to year. Simply enter the year and median sales price, the rest of the worksheet will do the calculations for you.

Monthly Range Analysis

The Monthly Range Analysis, part of the Pricing System, allows you to look at ratios by price point. Excel file.

Overcoming Objections - Price Reduction

In this episode, Denise is talking to a seller three weeks after the property first listed. We're about to have a not-so-fun discussion, because the seller is not going to like what Denise has to tell her. Watch and see.

Overcoming Objections - Setting the Right Price

In this Overcoming Objections, Denise revisits a seller who has reluctantly agreed to the listing price for her home. Watch as Denise gently digs for the reasons behind this reluctance and helps the listing move forward with confidence.

Price Reduction Letter

While we recommend that the possibility of price reductions be a part of your initial conversations once you have a listing contract, we know that many agents procrastinate about this. We also realize that many agents bend to seller pressures and list homes with a bias towards the sellers desire rather than pricing based on their professional expertise. However, when the time comes that you know a price reduction is necessary, you will need to take action. If calling the client isn't appropriate, then we hope that you'll find this sample price reduction letter to be a helpful guide.

If you use this letter, don't forget to update it with your own information!

Pricing in a Hot Market

With Sellers thinking that they can ask ANY price in this hot real estate market it is critical to know how to present a realistic pricing strategy. This webinar will help you to understand not only how to price property but how to present the concept of pricing to win. Presented by Denise Lones.

The Pricing System, Training Video

Learning the nuts and bolts of the Pricing System 2.0

Top Pricing Mistakes Made By Real Estate Agents

Pricing is one of the most challenging and intimidating tasks in the life of a real estate agent, but we all have to face it. The biggest challenge is that part of the listing presentation is based on pricing the home. This sets up either a win-win situation or a lose-lose situation depending on how you handle this very important topic.

Using Microsoft Excel to Chart Market Data

One of the challenges agents have with research is that once they find the data, they don't have a system for showing this information to their clients. Shauna will show you how to create a chart in Microsoft® Excel using different sets of data, will address how to choose the best chart for your data, how to adjust colors and fonts in your chart, and finally how to get your chart into Publisher. You will learn about Shauna's mantra, "Right-click is your friend," and how to incorporate shortcuts as you develop your chart-making prowess.

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