Listing Presentations

Do you have the presentation skills to thrive in a highly competitive real estate market? Explore this collection of articles, tools and resources that will wow your clients when it comes time to present your value.

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Personalities: An Overview

Not only is knowing your personality type important for determining the strengths and challenges you face when it comes to adjusting your business plan, it is also important for considering how you communicate with others. Familiarize yourself with this handy overview of the different personality-types and how it affects sales behavior, priorities, expectations, reactions to stress, how they treat money and much, much more.

Power of Packages 1: The Seller Package

Denise introduces the power of using packages in your real estate business. Are you one of the 10% of agents who are using packages? Learn why you should be using packages with this presentation on the Sellers Package.

Powerful Listing Presentation Techniques

Most real estate agents don't have well-prepared listing presentations. This is the most important tool to master in a world with more agents than ever competing for the business. Agents who get the business do come prepared with knowledge of the market, a proper introduction of who they are, and an awareness of what the client wants and needs and how they can meet those needs.

Don't wait for the client to ask the questions, show them what you have that will work for them. Give them ideas and show them who the expert is. Be visual and use visual representations to help clients to better grasp what you are saying to them. Follow an agenda and let them know how you will use pricing as the centerpiece and communication, marketing, going beyond decluttering to staging and other tools to get them the best results.

Pre-Listing Checklist

Don't go in unprepared! Follow this checklist (or combine with what you are already doing) and wow your sellers!

Pre-Qualifying Your Sellers

Many agents are familiar with the concept of qualifying home buyers before taking them out on their first home tour, but few agents apply the same philosophy to the listing side of the transaction. In this follow-up call to our sold-out Get the Listing! seminar, Denise addresses why you should consider adding this to your tool kit, when to do it, how to avoid mistakes that agents make when qualifying their listings, and how this practice can not just save you time, but give you valuable insights that can help you through the entire transaction.

Secrets to Great Listing Presentations

Expert tips for listing presentation success in all situations.

Seller Home Condition Notes

This editable Word document is designed for you to walk through and note the condition of a seller's home.

Striking the Right Listing Presentation Balance

Are you overwhelming or underwhelming your prospective sellers?

The First Meeting - Have an Agenda!

Second in our four part focus series on Working with Sellers. This week we continue looking at the listing presentation and how including an agenda can help guide, open the discussion, and lead you directly to what is most important to the seller.

The Fool-Proof Listing Presentation

Learn more about one of the most important tools that a real estate agent needs to focus on - the listing presentation. The listing presentation, like a job interview, directly affects your business. Join Denise Lones of The Lones Group as she explores the ten essential steps to having a foolproof listing presentation.

The Psychology Of Sellers

What are you going to say to your sellers about their listing?

Top 10 Listing Presentation Props

Join Denise Lones, President of The Lones Group as she shares with you her top ten listing presentation props. Are you just showing up with a smile and a CMA? We know you can do better! Here are ten props you should never arrive at a presentation without and tips for maximizing their use.

Touring the Listing Presentation Tools

Sellers want to be wowed by the agent they hire to sell their home and every listing presentation can be improved by the use of props. Take a tour with Shauna of the various listing presentation materials you might put to work for you, both agendas and several different kinds of listing presentation boards. We'll show you how to work with these tools and how to use them during your presentation.

What To Do When A Seller Asks You To Cut Your Commission

Learn how to negotiate away from cutting your paycheck!

Your Best Listing Presentation

Learn the conversation, process, and props to have your best listing presentation ever.

Your Internet Syndication Plan

Sellers know that the Internet is an important part of how buyers find a home. They're probably already using it to find their next home! Show your sellers what your online marketing plan looks like with this editable marketing plan. Take a look at our sample and then fill in your own!

Your Listing Presentation Dialog

Learn what your potential sellers need to learn from you! Do you know what the most important thing a seller needs to hear from you during a presentation? How should you talk about price in a rapidly increasing market? Learn how to discuss these tough topics with a seller and the power of having an agenda.

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