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Do you have the presentation skills to thrive in a highly competitive real estate market? Explore this collection of articles, tools and resources that will wow your clients when it comes time to present your value.

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Business Boost Ep1: Rethinking Your Listing Presentation

As presented by Denise Lones, you will learn how your listing presentation has to evolve to work with today's seller, how to explain your expertise and experience, and how to showcase your listing system in a way that leaves sellers wanting more.

Club Call - Articulating Your Value

Are you faced with sellers in this hot market indicating they should pay you less because of how quick the house is likely to sell? Are you up to your eyeballs in discount brokerages competing for business? Do you have buyers and sellers demanding that you pay for things such as inspection fixes, resale certificates, and well tests? If you don't know how to say no and articulate your value, commission could be trickling out the door. Listen to this month's call and establish or re-establish your rules and boundaries when it comes to commission. Be ready to create your list of reasons why working with you is an advantage - even if the commission you charge is a bit higher.

Club Call - Competing for Listings

When listings are king, how do you show up, showcase your expertise, state your truth about commission and price, and walk away with the listing? In any market, but especially those with little inventory, having a strong listing strategy means better control of your time and possibly your income. Don't get left behind! Show up strong and be ready to show some simple math to illustrate why you are the best choice.

Club Call - What You Need to Get the Listing

Staging? Drone photography? 3D tours? Handymen services? What does it truly take to compete and should you even go down the rabbit hole of providing these services which can be expensive? Denise has got some great suggestions for you!

Commission Objection Formula

A guide to help you have answers ready when you are asked to reduce your commission.

Countdown to Moving Day Checklist

Week-by-week, from 8+ weeks down to moving day, a list of things your clients need to do to prepare for a move. Great content for your buyer or listing package, as a buyer or seller class resource, or as a value-added expertise piece to keep potential buyers and sellers engaged.

Defending Commission at Your Real Estate Listing Presentation

At some point in every agent's career they will be asked at their real estate listing presentation to negotiate their commission. How will you respond and defend your income against competition that is willing to work for less?

Denise Live! Make a Winning Impression with the Experience Book

Of course you want to make your best impression before you leave your listing presentation. The Experience Book is not just an effective conversation starter, but also highlights your expertise, problem solving skills, and challenging past listings. Learn why this belongs in your presentation, what goes into one, and how to use it.

Denise Live! New Listing Presentation for the New Market, Part 2

To compete in today’s market requires a new approach to your listing presentation. In part two of our two-part series we will be discussing the changes you need to make to your presentation to keep up with seller expectations. Join us Tuesday and learn Denise’s format for structuring your listing presentation and advice for how to overcome the new challenges that you face in today’s highly competitive listing environment.

Denise Live! Showcasing Your Track Record of Success

Guest presenter and The Lones Group CEO Shauna Naf guides you through what stats to track, why your client should care, how to make your facts relatable, and tips for visually expressing your point-of-difference over the competition at your listing presentation.

Denise Live! The Language You Need to Talk to Sellers About Buyer Brokerage Compensation

In light of upcoming industry changes, it is important that you have an agenda, compelling data, and visuals for discussing buyer compensation with sellers. All business models can benefit from learning how to convey this important facet of listing marketing.

Denise Live! The Visuals You Need When Explaining the Market

Denise reveals the top visuals for explaining the market to your clients and advice for presenting them. Wow your next buyer or listing presentation prospects by how prepared you are with expert market advice.

Denise Live! Virtual Listing Presentations

Your listing presentation skills will be put to the test as you go virtual. How will you connect with your client? What props can you use in a virtual meeting to advance your cause? How should you prepare beforehand? Denise has the answers and tips to help you confidently hold a virtual listing presentation - and win your next listing too.

Denise Live! Visualizing Your Home Marketing Process

Seasoned and fresh agents alike are either completely missing or only have part of a critical piece of the presentation that your sellers crave – visuals. There’s more to it than you think! Learn what to include, how to use them, and why more-show-and-less-tell at the listing presentation is good for you, your clients, and the whole transaction.

Does Your Listing Presentation Need Help?

The listing presentation is the crucial key to your life as a real estate agent. It's that one moment where you truly need to shine. But most agents treat the listing presentation as, "just another task." The reality is that today's sellers are expecting more. They want props. They need "show and tell." They want to know EXACTLY what you're going to do and when you're going to do it.

Does Your Real Estate Listing Package Build Rapport?

A listing presentation that lets you connect and not miss a beat!

Effectively Working with Sellers

In this introductory video to our focus series on How to Work With Home Sellers, Denise discusses the concerns of sellers and how to deal with these concerns during the listing presentation with both facts and props.

Home-Selling Strategy Listing Presentation Tool

This tool is designed to help you walk your your sellers through the 6 aspects of their home-selling strategy.

Homes Pended and Sold Template

This Publisher template is formatted to highlight homes pended and sold. Please follow your MLS rules about publicizing other agents' listings.

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