Open Houses

Many agents have tried open houses or feel obligated to hosting them. Learn how to turn open houses into a real business creating opportunity and impress your listing at the same time.

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Open House Welcome Sign

Start a positive interaction before a potential client even walks in the door! It can be intimidating to potential clients to walk inside a strange home, especially if the door is closed. A "welcome" sign conveys an immediate sense of being approachable.

Open Houses

If you're wasting countless hours at open houses just hoping a potential client might wander in, you need a new strategy. Learn how to effectively market your open houses, and boost attendance. We'll also cover a powerful open house tool that allows you to position yourself as an expert and a resource, not a pushy salesperson.

Open Houses

Open houses are an important part of an agents business, especially today! Twenty years ago open houses were very popular, but as technology has taken off they have become more and more unpopular. Find out why technology won't replace open houses and why there is actually a demand for them in today's market.

Open Houses - The Case for Traditional Open Houses in a Wired World

No one knows exactly when open houses became part of the real estate scene. They've been a mainstay of the real estate industry for so long that it's proven impossible to meet a practitioner that can exclaim, "I remember back in the old days when we didn't have open houses!"

Like society in general, the real estate industry has experienced growth - and change - in leaps and bounds. Almost every facet of the real estate industry has changed dramatically in the past century. And many agents are clamoring for the demise of the open house, claiming it's a "dinosaur" from "the old days." These agents feel that the proliferation of online data now available to buyers makes open houses a waste of their time and energies.

Are real estate agents ready to turn their backs on what was originally the lifeblood of their community? Our open houses white paper proposes that agents should not be so quick to dismiss the power of an open house and provides concrete reasons for using this important sales tool.

Open Houses Q and A with Denise and Laura

We've talked a lot about the things that you should do to have a successful open house. In this video Laura Brodniak interviews Denise Lones with your questions about what agents should not do at their open house.

Open Houses, Part 1 - Throw Open the Doors

Think open houses aren't effective in today's tech-driven society? Think again! Open houses - if done strategically - can generate more business than you would ever imagine.

Open Houses, Part 2 - Put On Your Thinking Cap

This week, I want to discuss why it's so important for you to choose the right house for your open house. It's not just a matter holding an open house because one of your sellers wants you to. I want you to avoid doing that! Instead of letting the house choose you, you need to choose the house! And I'm going to tell you exactly how to do that.

Open Houses, Part 3 - Preparation

As the third installment of my open house series, I want to discuss how you prepare for your open house, and then how to actually host a highly successful open house.

Open Houses, Part 4 - The Final Key to a Successful Open House

As the fourth and final installment of my open house series, I'm going to share the importance of strong follow-up and communication plans, and why you'll never achieve the full potential of an open house without them.

Tour of Homes Book

Tour of homes is a great tool to give to potential open house attendees prior to leaving the open house. It provides them an in depth look at the other homes that are selling in the immediate area. It also gives them a home scoring worksheet, a map with directions, and your contact information.

Touring the Open House Tools

Join Shauna as she takes you on a tour of the marketing tools that come with the Open House system. From the sign that welcomes your guests at the front door to the booklet that you can provide to potential buyers when they leave, she will show you the different tools, functionality, how to display them and discuss how to get them printed.

Unforgettable Open Houses, Part 1: Why Open Houses

Watch Denise as she begins her series on unforgettable open houses with a discussion about why open houses are still a valuable way to generate leads - in spite of our wired world!

Unforgettable Open Houses, Part 2: Before the Open House

Learn the right questions to ask yourself before you even consider holding an open house, how to select the right house to hold open, and what to do beforehand to attract people to the home.

Unforgettable Open Houses, Part 3: During the Open House

Join us as we talk about the dos and don’ts of client interaction at the open house.

Unforgettable Open Houses, Part 4: After the Open House

The open house is over - now what? In the final segment of our unforgettable open house series we'll learn how to leverage the time and energy you spent at your open house.

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