Open Houses

Many agents have tried open houses or feel obligated to hosting them. Learn how to turn open houses into a real business creating opportunity and impress your listing at the same time.

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Business Boost Ep4: Open House Success Strategies

In this webinar we will cover: how some agents turned open houses into effective lead generation faucet for their business that they can turn on and off as needed, the components of a memorable open house and what you do before-during-afterwards, how to engage reticent buyers into being excited about working with you, without feeling as if you are pressuring them, and the most effective tools that will give you an enormous advantage over every other open-house agent.

Club Call - Open House Dynamics

In this call we are going to cover handling very busy open houses, giving energy to slower open houses, the greeting and closing, and the few things you need to have at your open house to really make an impression.

Club Call - Open Houses

The National Association of REALTORS® Open House Weekend is this coming April 20th-21st. Are you ready? Denise has a treasure trove of helpful advice to make the open houses that you host winners. In this month's call we'll be applying the four personality types and learning how they want to be welcomed, what kind of information they are looking for, how to appeal to them before they leave, and how to give them something of value to retain once they are gone.

Denise Live! Attracting Sellers to Your Open House

Everyone knows that open houses can be great for connecting with future buyers, but what about future sellers? Open houses can be a great opportunity to grow your listing portfolio - if you know how to do it. Learn strategies to attract sellers and how to develop that opportunity into new listing business.

Denise Live! How New Construction Made Me an Open House Expert

Getting back to face-to-face client interactions is a critical piece of your real estate strategy this spring. Coach Denise leveraged open houses so effectively that it became a mainstay of her business generation - and much of what she learned began with showing model homes in new construction. Learn the keys to attracting steady traffic, crucial props for guiding visitors through a property, how to showcase value, and how to sell both the home and the neighborhood.

Denise Live! Leveraging Open Houses into Listings

Leveraging your current listings into future listings is key in today’s market and open houses offer a great opportunity for real face-to-face engagement with other potential sellers in the area. Here, we discuss two strategies: how to get more open houses by positioning yourself as the go-to agent for open house referrals and neighborhood outreach that leverages your expertise with local homeowners!

Denise Live! Open Houses with Special Guest Jason Cook

Meet Jason Cook, long-time Bellevue-area resident, former firefighter, tennis champion, and a gifted real estate agent. Jason has developed a knack for engaging with people that comes across as effortless and natural. It is a skill critical for hosting effective open houses – which Jason has held in abundance. Join us as Denise and Jason discuss winning open house strategies and his personal experiences in open house success.

Denise Live! Real Estate Safety

Although safety is important year-round, as the days get shorter you should still check twice. Are you ready for an emergency? Join us this Tuesday for as we discuss car and personal essentials, how you can be safer with contingency plans.

Denise Live! Signage, Hidden Opportunities in the Wide Open

Most real estate professionals don’t think too much about signage. We call the sign company to install a for sale sign or we put out open house signs on the weekend - but when was the last time you really thought about your signage strategy? We are talking about yard arms, riders, sandwich boards, car decals, fun sign props, call-outs, QR codes, and more. There are uses for signs that you probably have never even heard of!

Denise Live! The Foolproof Open House Conversion Tool

Open houses pose an incredible moment for agents to operate where they are at their best - hosting a home and meeting people in person. Denise introduces the Homebuying Secrets class, a conversion opportunity you can advertise at your next open house.

Denise Live! The Open House Language of Greeting and Leaving

Key to successfully connecting with visitors and developing future business prospects at open houses is your ability to make them feel welcome and to provide them with something of value before they leave. A lighter and more expert touch will win over hard tactics like sign-in registries and guided tours.

Denise Live! Virtual Open Houses, Part One

Virtual open houses are here! In part one we cover advertising your open house, why a video isn't just as good and why virtual open houses are here to stay, the equipment you need, how to choose your platform, how to flow your tour, how to take questions and much more.

Denise Live! Virtual Open Houses, Part Two

Virtual open houses are here! In part two we’ll be covering the mechanics of how to prepare for your virtual open house, step-by-step, special considerations, and answering your questions from part one and two.

Hot Open House Tips For The Summertime

Open Houses still remain on my list of top things agents should be doing right now. The market is ripe for buyers that you can educate on the current state of the market. And there is no better place to find them than at an Open House.

Neighborhood Open House Invitation Letter

Can your real estate invitation letters draw more buzz? A special invitation to the neighbors should be part of your plan. We’ve made it easy for you by creating the letter template. Simply add your open house details and contact information!

Neighborhood Open House Safety Letter

Invite neighbors to the open house and show your concern for their safety! "With open houses comes additional traffic to your neighborhood.  Because we do anticipate increased traffic when holding open houses, I am happy to place 'slow down' signs and flags in front of your property during open house hours."

Open House Checklist

In order to make a strong impression at an open house, you need to slow potential buyers down - way down - so they have time to build a relationship with you. While having everything done on this checklist may be a lofty ambition, you will reap the rewards later.

Open House Seller's Report

The open house is over - now what? When a seller's been away from their home for hours they return home anxious to learn how the event has played out. Complete and leave the open house report so they can immediately see how the day has gone.

Open House Welcome Sign

Start a positive interaction before a potential client even walks in the door! It can be intimidating to potential clients to walk inside a strange home, especially if the door is closed. A "welcome" sign conveys an immediate sense of being approachable.

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