Letter-Based Campaigns

If you are looking for sample letters that you can send to your prospects, you've come to the right place.

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Absentee Owner Letter Hot Picks

Let the absentee owner know you are going to be sending real estate information on a regular basis including your hot investment picks.

Article Template

This basic Publisher template is a great tool to add to your repertoire. Easily customize-able with your own branding. Enough room for a full page article, a half page article, and a quarter page call out which is just the right size for highlighting a listing.

This template is set up with .125 inch bleeds so the document size is actually 8.75 x 11.25. Don't move any content closer to the edge if you are printing out with bleeds. Check with your print provider first so the mailing section is set up correctly for how you are printing and mailing.

Club Call - May 2014 - The Power of Niche Lists

Our topic for May was Thinking Outside the PO Box, the Power of Niche Lists. Did you know there is an untapped market right in your backyard? Take marketing to specific niche markets to a whole new level when you learn how to harness the power of niche database lists. Join Denise Lones and special guest Nancy Burch from Old Republic Title, who will show you just how much information there is available right now that will help you develop your own niche list - and an accompanying campaign that will knock their socks off and have them running to pick up the phone. If you've been wondering how to find the right contacts for your niche campaign, then prepare to be wowed!

Club Call - May 2016 - Compelling Clients by Mail

With home inventory in short supply, finding sellers is the name of the game. We will also address buyers and getting people to take action. Mail is still a great medium to have your message heard!

Denise Live! Converting Potential Sellers

Have sellers in your pipeline that you aren't sure how to connect with? Keeping in touch with your potential sellers doesn’t have to be a chore. You just need a system and some "carrots." On this Denise Live, Denise is going to show you a few items that will make your potential seller follow-up a snap.

Denise Live! Finding and Marketing to MLS Shortages

Finding MLS Shortages and Developing a Marketing Plan. Want to develop a lead generation strategy that you can turn on and off as the market changes or as you need business? Put the power of the MLS to work for you! We will show you the principles for finding shortages in your MLS and then develop a campaign that gets your phone ringing.

Denise Live! Letter Writing to Get Listings

There are definitely sellers out there to be found and one effective way of getting listings is by letter writing. Today we are going to be looking at what you should include in your outreach to maximize your efforts and create a successful letter writing campaign for listings. Examples included.

Denise Live! Virtual Visuals

Yes, you could send your prospects, buyers, and sellers information through the post – but in today's busy market, who has the time to wait? You need options that can impress and communicate right away. This week we are going to be looking at the best options for putting together CMAs, brochures, listing packages and more, that will impress your clients with both great information and how prepared you are.

How to Put Club Zebra Client Content into Your Mailer Template

Are you looking for the 5 minute version of how to take one of our monthly Club Zebra client articles and put it into your article mailer template that we built for you in Microsoft® Publisher™? Look no further and follow along in this quick end-to-end guide.

Letters for Listings

These four letters can dramatically increase your effectiveness when it comes to leveraging your listings to get other listings! Send to between 50-100 or so neighbors when the home is listed, when it pends, and when it sells. If there were multiple offers, follow up with the Other Buyers Missed Out letters. Agents have reported that their income has DOUBLED since using this letter series. It is easy to implement, but the results can knock your socks off.

MLS Prospecting

This little-known technique, once mastered, can be the key to generating substantial "now" money in your business. Discover the power of your local MLS as a lead generation system.

MLS Shortage Article 2 with Listing and Pending Graph

Don't just tell your targeted MLS shortages about the lack of inventory - show it with this article, complete with editable listing to pending graph. Download the accompanying Excel file and update with your own information.

MLS Shortage Letter with Price Increase Graph

When you are getting the word out about an MLS Shortage, don't just tell the market, show it! With this letter and graph, show how the market has responded to the shortage with greater price increases than the rest of the market. Download with the Excel file to create your own graph.

MLS Shortage Marketing Letter 1

Use this letter to target any shortage from price points, style of home, area, etc

MLS Shortage Marketing Letter for Expired Listings

Use this letter to target any expired listing with similarities to a subject property which has just pended quickly.

MLS Shortage Marketing Letter For When You Have a Buyer

Since some agents use a "fake buyer" to lure in potential homesellers, how do you compose a letter when you truly have a buyer wanting a home in a particular neighborhood, style of home, amenities, etc? They key is to make it convincing enough through details to indicate you actually do have a living and breathing buyer who is interested in buying.

If you have already exhausted the expired listings who meet that criteria, you can send this letter.

Neighborhood Letter High Demand Sale

This letter can be sent to the area surrounding a listing that has recently sold for a very low days on market, high list to sales price ratio, or for multiple offers. Especially if there are inventory challenges in the greater area, this can spell opportunity for those agents who connect with neighbors and get the word out.

Neighborhood New Listing Letter Series

Sending these three simple letters out to the neighbors when Denise got a listing catapulted her business! It can do the same for you. Put the power of these letters to work for you.

Neighborhood Open House Invitation Letter

Can your real estate invitation letters draw more buzz? A special invitation to the neighbors should be part of your plan. We’ve made it easy for you by creating the letter template. Simply add your open house details and contact information!

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