Learn how to approach for-sale-by-owners from a position of expertise, trust and facts. We have everything you need to turn FSBOs into new business.

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An Easy Way to do FSBO Searches

The easiest way to work with 40 FSBO listings at a time is to do your searches weekly, then categorize and rate the potential listing when you get it. For example: break them down to 5 to 8 categories.

Club Call - Working with FSBOs

If your lead generation efforts need a little boost, For Sale By Owners are a hot commodity right now. We will be discussing evaluating FSBOs for potential success, developing a campaign around their pain points, and how to approach these potential clients.

For Sale By Owners

FSBOs go on the market believing they don't need you... but they do! However, they typically have a great deal of built-in resistance to real estate agents. Master the art of getting a FSBO to want to work with you, based on the value you provide.

FSBO Introductory Letter

This is the first letter to send out to a new FSBO in your database. Send this letter with your bio and credentials.

FSBO Save the Commission letter and flyer

Many FSBOs think that by just putting a sign on the property and listing on Craigslist is enough to have their home shown. Tout the benefits of working with a professional without coming out and saying so in this letter and accompanying information.

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