First Time Home Buyers

Whatever the reason their property left the market, expired listings represent a unique opportunity to quickly infuse your business. Learn the strategies for winning them over.

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Club Call - Components of Teaching a Successful Class

Whether your audience is first time home buyers, new investors, downsizing seniors, vacation property buyers or someone else, hosting classes and seminars can be a great way to connect and share your expertise. We'll cover what make a great class, including invitations, advertising, publicity, class materials and follow-up.

Countdown to Moving Day Checklist

Week-by-week, from 8+ weeks down to moving day, a list of things your clients need to do to prepare for a move. Great content for your buyer or listing package, as a buyer or seller class resource, or as a value-added expertise piece to keep potential buyers and sellers engaged.

Denise Live! Understanding the Young Millennial Homebuyer

Young millennials are like no homebuyer that has come before. Challenged by affordability, inspired by a gig economy, and being the first generation who really gets work/life balance, Millennials are the most flexible of all homeowner types,  but it isn’t about price necessarily - it is about value and having the right space.

Homebuying Readiness Planner

Help first-time homebuyers make a plan for successful homebuying with the Homebuying Readiness Planner. This document can help buyers visual the steps they need to take for financial readiness and the potential risks of waiting (as rent can increase, prices go up, and it can be tough to chase the downpayment). This tool also provides YOU with an excuse to reach out on a regular basis.

Of course, we have added the disclaimers on there, but be sure to tell the buyers it is up to them to review financial decisions with a financial professional (lender, accountant) and this is just designed to be a guide - not a predictor of future performance.

Niche Marketing II - Renters

In part two of Denise's five part series on niche marketing with a discussion of one of her favorite markets - renters. Yes, renters! Learn why she loves working with the renters market.

Rent versus Own

In this Publisher file, potential five year rent and buying scenarios are illustrated in an easy-to-edit Microsoft Publisher table, allowing you to insert your own local rent rates and comparable home prices. With this piece you can clearly articulate how appreciation and equity can build up over time, increasing net worth.

Rent vs Buy Calculator

Have potential buyers who think they want to rent instead? Show them the power of the future with the Rent vs Buy Calculator!

Renting can become not such a great deal when faced with the prospects of rising rent and stable mortgage payments. Run scenarios with your potential buyers and help them determine if it is the right fit for them, both now and in the future.

While none of us has a crystal ball, we can use the past to help determine what may lie ahead. Use this information to help your potential buyers make a good decision based on their scenario.

Renters Marketing

If you want to specialize in first-time homebuyers, then start generating leads in the rental market. Many agents ignore the untapped potential of this huge segment of our housing market. We'll show you why you'll want to work with renters, where to find them, and how to get them to contact you.

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