Want to build a referral-based business? Check out these tips and strategies for creating a wow experience that your clients will be sure to share with their sphere of influence.

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Denise Live: All About Online Reviews

Online reviews can be a big boon to your business, yet many agents overlook or even avoid asking for reviews altogether. It’s time to change that. Learn how to ask for and receive quality reviews, where people should find your reviews, and how to respond to reviews – even bad ones!

Denise Live: Referring Clients to Areas You Don't Work In

Sometimes it is as simple as a buyer who is moving out of your area. However, more and more we are seeing buyers broadening their home search into areas unfamiliar to their buyer agent. Learn when it is time to refer, how to find a good agent, how to protect your time, and how to be compensated.


Denise presents a short tip on Referrals, the lifeline of your business. Are you thanking your referrals the right way? Watch and find out.

Strategic Partners List

Think about all the associates you have in your life and develop a "wholesale" relationship. Make sure these potential referrers know you are in real estate and treat them to exceptional client care. Consider how you would build a relationship.

The Power Of A Wow Experience

Have you ever been wowed? When was the last time you had a business experience that made you want to get on the phone and call everyone you know to tell them about it? I had such an experience recently. I had just finished teaching a class in Yakima. My associate and I faced a long trek home. We were tired and hungry.

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