Past Client Care

Past real estate clients are your source for strong referrals, but only if you keep in touch. Learn how to provide true value after the transaction without feeling cheesy and keep your clients, and referrals coming back for more.

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The Importance of Client Care Follow-Up

Watch Denise as she begins her series on follow-up and client communication with a discussion of the need for consistency, and the use of an annual communication plan.

To Get More Clients, Think Like a Client

You won't only get more clients, you'll wow them too!

To Gift Or Not To Gift

Does giving gifts to clients after completing the transaction make a difference?

Your Most Neglected Client

I'm willing to bet it's not who you think it is. It's certainly not your "now" clients. Real estate agents are great at handling their now clients. These are the people who keep you busy all day long.

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