Past Client Care

Past real estate clients are your source for strong referrals, but only if you keep in touch. Learn how to provide true value after the transaction without feeling cheesy and keep your clients, and referrals coming back for more.

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Follow-Up and Client Care: Annual Client Reviews

Annual Client Reviews allow you to continue building relationships with past clients by delivering a snapshot summary of their home's value. This video in our follow-up and client communication series discusses annual client reviews, and how to implement them in your business.

Follow-Up Tools, Part 4: Annual Reviews

This is part four in our five part series on great follow-up tools. This time, Denise covers the Year in Review report. Learn the three things that this incredible tool can do for your business.

Follow-Up Tools, Part 5: Annual Forecast

The final part of our five part series on great follow-up tools. For this final segment, Denise tackles the annual forecast. This challenging follow-up tool has a lot of bang, but it takes work. Predictions will always open dialog with your clients. Watch to learn more!

How to Hold a Successful Client Appreciation Event

Client appreciation events done right are one of the most effective ways to cement your client base to you for life. Learn what client appreciation events work and which ones will always be poorly attended and how to execute an exciting and memorable event. Hear about real live events that were organized and planned by Denise and her team and hear the amazing results. Denise will show you exactly what needs to be done with checklists, plans and sample letters, invitations and collateral materials for making the event a huge success. Learn what to do before, during and after the event to keep new business coming your way. Don't even think about planning another event without hearing this CD first!

Managing Your Post Closing Program

Have you always wanted a system for staying close to your clients who have recently closed a transaction? Shauna will show you a very easy system to adopt and how to easily manage this utilizing a few different ways. The key is to keep it easy but have maximum impact!

Master Follow-Up Plan

Follow-up is the single most important thing that if you do it right in your business it will always guarantee results for you. Denise talks about the history of the 36-Point System, a successful and time-proven follow-up system that she developed during her many years as an active agent.

My Top Client Care Tools

Once you have organized your database, it's time to think about what you want to send out to its members. While some agents can look at their Dinosaur Book and think, "I have to follow-up with my database this week. I guess I had better write an article," and sit down and actually churn one out in an hour, I have found that most agents will sit down at a blank computer screen and spend an hour stating and stopping. In the end, they are no further along. Articles aren't your only option! Read on for more ways that you can accomplish your client follow-up.

Neglected Client Letter

Do you have a client that you haven't followed-up with in a long time? In a very long time? Then it's time to finally change that. Use our template letter to reconnect with your neglected clients and get your client follow-up back in shape.

Past Client Letter - Asking for Feedback

Use this letter to get more reviews on Zillow or Yelp or to great advice and feedback from your clients after the sale

Post Closing 30-Day Follow-Up Email

Use this email to solicit feedback and testimonials from your clients 30 days post-closing.

Post Closing Program Buyer Checklist

Secure referrals with a strong post-close program

Post Closing Program Seller Checklist

Secure referrals with a strong post-close program

Potential Income Tracker - Weekly Communication Plan

Now that you have your leads situated in you Potential Income Tracker, it is time to develop a conversion plan that will translate to written contracts! While I recommend that you follow-up with your core database once a month, you really must be following up with your P.I.T. clients once a week. Follow along as we discuss the impact of personalities on your personal income tracker and what follow-up and client care for these different personalities looks like, weather your client is a buyer or a seller.

Powerful Annual Client Reviews

One of the most powerful marketing tools in your client care tool belt.

Request a Review Letter

Want more online reviews? Here is a template for that! Just copy and paste this content into your email, update the links to your own, and customize for each client with a sentence or two about the transaction. Make quick work of getting those online reviews!

Sellers Feedback Report

Seller communication is a snap when you have a template to deliver the details.

Successful Closings

Create a memorable experience for your buyers and sellers and keep them coming back for more! Learn what your clients want from you during this critical time.

The Best Way to Keep In Touch With Your Past Clients

How to follow-up without seeming contrived.

The Importance of Client Care Follow-Up

Watch Denise as she begins her series on follow-up and client communication with a discussion of the need for consistency, and the use of an annual communication plan.

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