Past Client Care

Past real estate clients are your source for strong referrals, but only if you keep in touch. Learn how to provide true value after the transaction without feeling cheesy and keep your clients, and referrals coming back for more.

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Above and Beyond the Sale

How to provide five star service to your clients.

Annual Client Review

Want to connect with your past clients and keep connected to what is going on with their property? Denise reviews a cornerstone of her real estate career - the annual client review! Learn why a report like this is important, options for scheduling yours, the information it needs to include for WOW impact, and the communication around the review.

Annual Client Review, Table of Contents

Annual Client Reviews allow you to continue building relationships with past clients by delivering a snapshot summary of their home's value. In any market, clients are hungry for information about the potential value of their home. The Annual Client Review provides that! This table of contents provides an overview of the recommended structure of the Annual Client Review.

Client Appreciation Event Checklist

Remember your save the date cards and check in with your vendor! What else? Oh! Don't forget the thank you notes! We cover all of this and more in this easy-to-follow checklist for client appreciation events.

Client Appreciation Events

Have you always wanted to have an event but not sure how to go about it? Don’t want to be the center of attention, but want a way to connect with your past clients? There are so many different ways to show appreciation to your past clients. Join Denise as she reviews some great ways to connect live and how to plan a successful event.

Client Communication Tool List

To follow-up and communicate effectively you need to have the right marketing pieces to deliver the message. Get our list of the top tools for client communications.

Client Feedback

Are you ready to hear what your clients have to say? We'll talk about the value of client surveys, and why you need to think about incorporating them in your business plan.

Client Survey Tool

You may think you know how you're perceived by your clients, but you may not have the full story. The Client Survey tool helps the most important person in the transaction - your client - measure your performance.

Club Call - August 2014 - A Memorable Close

Our August Club Zebra call was about "A Memorable Close." We discussed the pros and cons of closing gifts, how to stay memorable, how to get those clients to write reviews that will get your phone to ring, and the secret to developing a referral-based business. It is easier than you think, so listen in if you need help building new referrals.

Club Call - July 2015 - Making Moving Day Memorable

Listen to this month's Club Zebra coaching call where Denise presents on how to make your client's moving day a special one that will have them telling their friends and new neighbors all about you. Guest speaker Laurie Way adds her experience and suggestions too. If you're seeking a way to transition your client relationship from active to referrer, you won't want to miss this!

Club Call - November 2017 - Honoring Your Past Clients During the Holidays

We're going to be discussing holiday themed events and gifts, how to use these to effectively and authentically communicate with your past clients.

Club Call - September 2014 - Client Appreciation Events

Start the party! How and why you should consider holding a client appreciation event. In this club call we covered how client appreciation events can be an amazing, memorable lead-generating activity and how to create an event plan that satisfies and delivers - so you aren't feeling like you are on stage or that the day is all about you. Listen in and get lots of great ideas for different kinds of events and what made them winners year after year.

Cultivating Client Loyalty Relationships

When the deal is done, how can you be sure your client will return when they are ready to sell again? Investing in client loyalty means future business for you. And it's not just about sellers, learn the keys to inspiring business loyalty among your clients and contacts at this webinar with Denise Lones.

Denise Live! Evolving Your Past Client Connection Program for Today's Market

Do you struggle with keeping in touch with your past clients on a regular basis? When COVID hit, did you lose your marketing voice? Denise will share with you a simple plan, but with big impact, for moving forward in this part three of our 4-part, 90-day business planning series.

Denise Live! Showcasing Your Value with Annual Client Reviews

One of the most powerful things you can do for your business, while your clients are settling in for a winter nap, is to prepare Annual Client Reviews. Learn what is in one, how to completely wow your clients, and when is the best time to send one - your past clients will thank you!

End-of-the-Year Mailers

The end of the year is coming. Do you want to look like the expert and send out some amazing content to your sphere and farm? Join Shauna as she explores some effective ways to convey information on your mail pieces. It is easier than you think!

Follow-Up and Client Care: Annual Client Reviews

Annual Client Reviews allow you to continue building relationships with past clients by delivering a snapshot summary of their home's value. This video in our follow-up and client communication series discusses annual client reviews, and how to implement them in your business.

Follow-Up Tools, Part 4: Annual Reviews

This is part four in our five part series on great follow-up tools. This time, Denise covers the Year in Review report. Learn the three things that this incredible tool can do for your business.

Follow-Up Tools, Part 5: Annual Forecast

The final part of our five part series on great follow-up tools. For this final segment, Denise tackles the annual forecast. This challenging follow-up tool has a lot of bang, but it takes work. Predictions will always open dialog with your clients. Watch to learn more!

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