Learn how to communicate with clients through the channels they prefer. Get your message across successfully and consistently - whether by mailer, phone, in-person or online.

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Get Back to Basics with Face-to-Face Communication Skills

What did we ever do without email? Remember the days when we actually had to pick up the phone and have a real conversation every time we needed to convey some information?

Gifts or Events?

5 incredible events and 3 memorable gift ideas for expressing your client appreciation this year.

Having an Opinion

In this quick pep talk, Denise talks about the importance of having your own opinion. Learn how to have a strong, fact-based opinion that people will admire you for.

Makeovers and Meatballs A Cautionary Tale

Recently, I was visiting my parents at their vacation home. We had said many times that the place needed an interior makeover. We decided that now was the time. First stop: furniture. I packed up my Mom, Dad, and kids in the car to go to Ashley's Furniture. I truly couldn't believe the way I was treated. I had my guard up, waiting for an aggressive salesperson to pounce on me - as is often the case at furniture stores.

Managing Your Post Closing Program

Have you always wanted a system for staying close to your clients who have recently closed a transaction? Shauna will show you a very easy system to adopt and how to easily manage this utilizing a few different ways. The key is to keep it easy but have maximum impact!

Master Follow-Up Plan

Follow-up is the single most important thing that if you do it right in your business it will always guarantee results for you. Denise talks about the history of the 36-Point System, a successful and time-proven follow-up system that she developed during her many years as an active agent.

Neglected Client Letter

Do you have a client that you haven't followed-up with in a long time? In a very long time? Then it's time to finally change that. Use our template letter to reconnect with your neglected clients and get your client follow-up back in shape.

Persuasive Visuals for Buyers and Sellers

Today’s market of mixed media signals has both buyers and sellers sitting on the fence this spring – wondering if they are missing a market opportunity. Did your potential buyer "miss" a market slump? Does your potential seller need help with a pricing strategy? Denise covers fantastic tools for helping prospects move past market concerns that are holding them back.

Phone Etiquette: The Hidden Moneymaker In Your Business

One of my employees recently pointed out one of her pet peeves - people who create a lousy impression over the phone. It got me to thinking about how important good phone etiquette is to a business.

Rent Deferment Letter

An agreement for working with your rentals during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Stop Playing the Real Estate Agent Psychic Network

During my career as a Realtor and a Broker I have heard the theory of rating your clients "A" Clients, "B" Clients, "C" Clients and "D" Clients. This theory has been presented and accepted by Real Estate Agents all over the world. This is how this idea works; go to your database of potential clients and decide if you feel they are going to buy or sell now, 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months or a year and over. There have been many variations on this.

The 8 Biggest Communication Mistakes Agents Make With Clients

One of my favorite things to do in my real estate training is to work with agents one-on-one to help them see how they communicate with their clients. I usually videotape them. We watch the playback and I critique their performance. Together, we identify flaws in their communication style and we make a plan for improvement.

The Importance of Client Care Follow-Up

Watch Denise as she begins her series on follow-up and client communication with a discussion of the need for consistency, and the use of an annual communication plan.

Touring the Master Follow-Up Plan

The master follow-up plan will help you determine how to touch base with your database and earn 36 points per person per year - based on goals of the 36 Point System. Follow along as we take a tour of this critical follow-up and business organization tool.

Tracking Client Communication

Is this year the year you plan on really ramping up your communication with your clients, past clients, and sphere? Join Shauna as she shows you three easy ways to do it – high tech, medium tech, and low tech

White Paper - Creating a Database Mailer

From data and tables to content, this paper will provide you with great ideas!

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