Learn how to communicate with clients through the channels they prefer. Get your message across successfully and consistently - whether by mailer, phone, in-person or online.

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Denise Live! How to Handle Covid-19 Client Concerns, Part 2

Your clients are worried. Your prospects are anxious. How should you respond? Denise shares valuable insight into how you can talk to both buyers and sellers about the current market climate in light of Covid-19 and how you can be a source of calm amid the confusion.

Denise Live! If Your Phone Isn't Ringing, Give Them a Reason to Call

If your phone isn't ringing it's because your expertise and value proposition isn't making it into your marketing. So many agents rely on “pushing for the sale”.  It’s time to go deeper than bland offers of comps and listing updates and give your prospects a real reason to remember you and call when the time is right.

Denise Live! Improve Your Communication with Every Generation

Are you a “boomer” looking to communicate effectively with millennials or a gen-x struggling to find ground with the silent generation? Social expectations and communication needs dramatically change between generations. This Tuesday we will be helping you improve your communication skills with advice for agents of any generation who want to connect with clients of any age.

Denise Live! Mailing Mistakes Sure to Burn Your Money

Sending high-quality content to potential clients on a consistent schedule is an essential strategy for growing your real estate business – but doing it the wrong way can be a costly waste of time and cash. Learn the answers to questions like these that separate success from mailer failure!

Denise Live! Making Solid Decisions - Working with Analyticals

Your fact loving client can be one of your best transactions ever with proper care and feeding. They appreciate your expertise and will likely read everything you send them and still have more questions - but getting commitment can be elusive and attracting their business requires strong trust building skills. Learn how to attract and connect with your next strategist client at this week’s Denise Live!

Denise Live! Market Activity Reports

Denise made her mark with sellers through weekly reporting. Many agents got out of the habit of seller reporting, but it is one of those services that will keep sellers impressed, even if they don’t like the data. It can also make the case for a price reduction.

Denise Live! Navigating Choices - Conflict Resolution with Analyticals

Whether it’s a client, a broker, or even family, you need a good strategy for resolving conflict with an analytical. More than any other personality, how you choose to adapt to close the deal with an analytical may matter the most, especially where big real estate decisions are to be made. How you react when they need “more” and you need “fast” makes a difference.

Denise Live! The Visuals You Need When Explaining the Market

Denise reveals the top visuals for explaining the market to your clients and advice for presenting them. Wow your next buyer or listing presentation prospects by how prepared you are with expert market advice.

Denise Live! Transaction Negotiation

Whether you are discussing price and commission with a client, navigating a buyer offer or seller response, sending a referral, or even preparing to sign at a new brokerage - the ability to negotiate well is a critical skill in your tool box. Learn how to evaluate a situation, when to control your impulses, and what to watch out for when you are negotiating a transaction.

Email Communication Samples

At a loss for words? Let us help. Here are three sample emails that cover a range of typical follow-up scenarios.

End-of-the-Year Mailers

The end of the year is coming. Do you want to look like the expert and send out some amazing content to your sphere and farm? Join Shauna as she explores some effective ways to convey information on your mail pieces. It is easier than you think!

Follow-Up and Client Care: Annual Client Reviews

Annual Client Reviews allow you to continue building relationships with past clients by delivering a snapshot summary of their home's value. This video in our follow-up and client communication series discusses annual client reviews, and how to implement them in your business.

Follow-Up During the Transaction

Don't miss this video which focuses on best practices for communication during the transaction.

Follow-Up Tools, Part 1: Quarterly Reports

This series is on great follow-up tools, because follow-up tools are the number one way to stay in touch with your clients - both buyers and sellers. This week we cover the Quarterly Report, what goes in it and what the narration sounds like.

Follow-Up Tools, Part 2: Monthly Market Watch

This is part two of our five-part series on great follow-up tools. In this segment, Denise talks about how you can never have a shortage of follow-up resources and focuses on the Monthly Market Watch mailer. She will cover what your clients want to see in it and how to convey that information effectively.

Follow-Up Tools, Part 3: Articles

In part three of our five-part series on great follow-up tools we cover articles. Denise talks about how sending out articles helps to build credibility and how it is truly a great follow-up tool.

Follow-Up Tools, Part 5: Annual Forecast

The final part of our five part series on great follow-up tools. For this final segment, Denise tackles the annual forecast. This challenging follow-up tool has a lot of bang, but it takes work. Predictions will always open dialog with your clients. Watch to learn more!

Follow-Up: 36 Point System Point Breakdown

How much is an article worth? A phone call? Use this guide when planning your 36 point system

Get Back to Basics with Face-to-Face Communication Skills

What did we ever do without email? Remember the days when we actually had to pick up the phone and have a real conversation every time we needed to convey some information?

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