Learn how to communicate with clients through the channels they prefer. Get your message across successfully and consistently - whether by mailer, phone, in-person or online.

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36-Point System Campaign Planner

This Excel file includes the 36 Point System point guide as well as separate tabs for planning and tracking a database campaign and a farm campaign.

5 Actions to Fill Your Pipeline for a ROBUST Spring!

Real estate coach Denise Lones shares 5 actions you can take today to create strong business activity and results in the coming months.

Call Script Samples

Want to follow-up with a client, but you are not sure what to say? Here are a couple simple scripts to give you a place to start.

Client Communication Tool List

To follow-up and communicate effectively you need to have the right marketing pieces to deliver the message. Get our list of the top tools for client communications.

Client Communication Tracker

Use this Microsoft Excel worksheet to measure and track how well you are keeping in touch with your past/potential clients and your sphere. It also can add up your outreach so you can make sure you are on track if you are using Denise's 36 Point System. Track your potential business too!

Club Call - May 2013 - Generation Communication

Learn how to speak the language of different generations. Each has different expectations, different communication preferences and different sales queues. Denise covers how different personalities come into play with different generations and how your own personality might conflict with some generations.

Club Call - October 2016 - I Won an Award! Now What?

We are coming up on the season of awards - production awards, client care awards and more! Many agents don't know how to share their triumph without making it sound like it's all about them. But we have some secrets that will allow you to shine without the spotlight being on you!

Communication: Email vs Telephone

In this short piece, Denise talks about communication: email and how it compares to the effectiveness of the telephone. Email's a great tool, but find out why you should be picking up the phone!

Contacts and Connection Connection Plans

Denise Lones presents a brief pep-talk on making real estate connections and developing a connections plan.

Countdown to Moving Day Checklist

Week-by-week, from 8+ weeks down to moving day, a list of things your clients need to do to prepare for a move. Great content for your buyer or listing package, as a buyer or seller class resource, or as a value-added expertise piece to keep potential buyers and sellers engaged.

Denise Live! Building Bridges: Conflict Resolution with Supporters

Supporters often struggle with conflict, preferring to stay as far from it as possible, but when you’re in a transaction there can be some tough decisions to be made. So what’s the solution when your supporter client is overwhelmed? How you help them negotiate a strong deal that doesn’t end with anxiety is going depend on your own personality.

Denise Live! Chasing the Incredible - Working with Promoters

Your client works in bursts. One day it’s ten emails in your inbox, but then when you respond – crickets. Time is still ticking on the transaction clock and making last minute changes to accommodate them can be exhausting. How can you hold their attention and direct their great ideas and energy towards moving forward? Learn how to have your best promoter personality relationship ever.

Denise Live! Earning Points with Your Prospects

Staying “top-of-mind” with your past, present, and potential clients is a critical part of business. So what does it really take to stay top-of-mind with today’s mobile and oft ad-saturated population? Learn how to earn the right “points” every year with prospects in order to keep your business goals in reach all year long.

Denise Live! Enabling Sellers to Sell

Listing inventory is tight, so what can you do when there aren’t enough listings to go around? It is time to take action and find the sellers who would sell if only they had the right information to give them confidence – and you are the expert equipped to help them!

Denise Live! Getting Comfortable with Video

Over recent years we have seen agents willing to incorporate video into their business strategy enjoy greater business success. They are reaching more people and fostering faster client relationships. Today, we will be sharing ways to incorporate more video into your business, how to overcome obstacles between you and creating videos, and ideas that you can start using for creating your own videos right away.

Denise Live! How to Handle Covid-19 Client Concerns, Part 1

Your clients are worried. Your prospects are anxious. How should you respond? Denise shares valuable insight into how you can talk to both buyers and sellers about the current market climate in light of Covid-19 and how you can be a source of calm amid the confusion.

Denise Live! How to Handle Covid-19 Client Concerns, Part 2

Your clients are worried. Your prospects are anxious. How should you respond? Denise shares valuable insight into how you can talk to both buyers and sellers about the current market climate in light of Covid-19 and how you can be a source of calm amid the confusion.

Denise Live! If Your Phone Isn't Ringing, Give Them a Reason to Call

If your phone isn't ringing it's because your expertise and value proposition isn't making it into your marketing. So many agents rely on “pushing for the sale”.  It’s time to go deeper than bland offers of comps and listing updates and give your prospects a real reason to remember you and call when the time is right.

Denise Live! Improve Your Communication with Every Generation

Are you a “boomer” looking to communicate effectively with millennials or a gen-x struggling to find ground with the silent generation? Social expectations and communication needs dramatically change between generations. This Tuesday we will be helping you improve your communication skills with advice for agents of any generation who want to connect with clients of any age.

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