Database Organization

Your database is your goldmine, you need systems for revealing its hidden value. Your database is your garden, learn how to weed, water and harvest it for a more successful business.

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36 Point System

Denise talks about how to create a follow-up plan that complements your business, your personality and your clients. This is where the 36 Point System enters your business toolkit.

Battling the Database Doldrums

Join CEO Shauna Naf in this start-to-finish tour of creating a monthly mailer piece in Microsoft Publisher. We'll be sharing lots of great ideas for content and cover all the details of exactly how you can put together a monthly mailer, starting from a blank branded article template. If you have received your branding from us and are looking for an in-depth guide to creating your first mailer, this is a must watch video for you.

Business Boost Ep3: Your Database, Your Goldmine

You have probably heard that it is five to eight times as expensive to find a new client than it is to retain an existing or past client. Client retention and building a fan base of referring clients is one of the most important thing you need to do to build a strong business. Join Denise Lones as she provides you with an easy-to-follow system.

Client Database Template

Unsure of what you should be keeping track of for your leads and potential clients? Want to save a little time creating your own worksheet for doing that same tracking? Download and use our lead database tracking worksheet with Microsoft Excel®.

Denise Live! The Power of Planning

Do you struggle to visualize how to reach your goals? You’re not alone. In today’s fail-fast-and-learn-lessons world, taking a shortcut and skipping the work of planning is a strong temptation. Yet a little effort into planning can save you money, time, and greatly increase your odds of success. Join us as we look at three parts of your business where you can use the power of planning to your advantage: your database, your lead generation, and your finances.

Denise Live! Your Database's Rate of Return

Your client database is your gold mine! Discover the true power client database, how to calculate your rate of return, and how big your database needs to be to generate enough income each year.

Master Follow-Up Plan

Follow-up is the single most important thing that if you do it right in your business it will always guarantee results for you. Denise talks about the history of the 36-Point System, a successful and time-proven follow-up system that she developed during her many years as an active agent.

Organizing Your Client Database

Many agents know they need to organize their database, but they get stuck on how exactly to go about doing that. Should they just put everyone in there with no categories? Just have a category for past clients and nothing else? Should they note whether a client has provided them with referrals? What about if they are part of a niche market? Using Excel, Shauna show you how to put your database together, ideas for categories, and how sort your database so it is usable.

Organizing Your Database

Your database is the gold in your goldmine! You need to have a system in place to stay in contact with these groups for the period of time it will take to convert them to buyers and sellers.  Here's our method for categorizing those contacts.

Stop Playing the Real Estate Agent Psychic Network

During my career as a Realtor and a Broker I have heard the theory of rating your clients "A" Clients, "B" Clients, "C" Clients and "D" Clients. This theory has been presented and accepted by Real Estate Agents all over the world. This is how this idea works; go to your database of potential clients and decide if you feel they are going to buy or sell now, 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months or a year and over. There have been many variations on this.

Touring the Potential Income Tracker

In this video we tour the Potential Income Tracker. This amazing tool helps you track your "almost-now" clients - those who will likely buy or sell in the next twelve months. Follow along as we tour the features of the Potential Income Tracker.

Who's On Your Radar?

Recently, I did an exercise with a group of agents that stunned even me. I had an idea of what it would do, but the final results were amazing. I asked a group of agents to sit down with a blank piece of paper and write out every possible lead they have in their business right now. Anyone that they've remotely talked to about the buying and selling of real estate - whether it's now, six months from now, or a year from now.

Your Most Neglected Client

I'm willing to bet it's not who you think it is. It's certainly not your "now" clients. Real estate agents are great at handling their now clients. These are the people who keep you busy all day long.

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