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Ready-to-go checklists and systems for making your business processes more straight-forward.

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Moving Day Checklist

Change your address? Cancel service? Update information? There can be a lot to remember when moving! Luckily, you can begin with this list!

Multiple Offer Checklist

When faced with a multiple offer, time is of the essence. Make sure you have your ducks in a row with the multiple offer checklist!

New Client Buyer Checklist

Working with a new buyer can lead to a slippery slope unless you have all your ducks in a row.

New Listing Checklist

This editable Word Document is a great starter for creating your own new listing checklist. Consider the extra steps you take, eliminate the ones you don't need, and you will always have a system to follow for new listings.

New Transaction Initial Set-Up Checklist

Get your transaction started right.

Open House Checklist

In order to make a strong impression at an open house, you need to slow potential buyers down - way down - so they have time to build a relationship with you. While having everything done on this checklist may be a lofty ambition, you will reap the rewards later.

Pending to Close Checklists for Buyers and Sellers

Pending to Close Checklists for Buyers and Sellers

Post Closing Program Buyer Checklist

Secure referrals with a strong post-close program

Pre-Listing Checklist

Don't go in unprepared! Follow this checklist (or combine with what you are already doing) and wow your sellers!

Referral Agreement Form

Need to send out or receive a referral? Set expectations with the Referral Agreement! This covers everything from contact information, info about the client and their upcoming transaction, communication expectations, what happens with the client once the transaction is over, and even parameters for ongoing referral dollars. Editable Word Document.

Referrals - A Money-Making Powerhouse

Coach Denise Lones shares a few referral systems to implement and how to share the commission.

Request a Review Letter

Want more online reviews? Here is a template for that! Just copy and paste this content into your email, update the links to your own, and customize for each client with a sentence or two about the transaction. Make quick work of getting those online reviews!

Systems to Organize Your Business Paperwork

Tips for an easy to use and maintain file management system.

Video checklist! But not without your video checklist.

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