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Ready-to-go checklists and systems for making your business processes more straight-forward.

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Agent Car Kit

Have this kit of tools in your car and you will always be prepared!

Agent Car Kit Checklist

You wouldn't believe how impressed potential buyers and sellers will be by how prepared you are when you implement this car kit!

All Parties to the Transaction Checklist

Selling agent? Check! Title Company? Check! Keep track of them all with this checklist

Buyer Offer Checklist

Create a checklist to guide your buyers through the offer process. Make sure you update with your local MLS forms!

Buyers Checklist

Make sure your buyers have everything in line with this buyers checklist. PLEASE NOTE: This checklist contains references to Northwest MLS forms. If you are in a different MLS, be sure to change the form numbers.

Checking Your Checklists

Do you find yourself "winging it" every transaction? Or is your entire process in your head? Whether you are just getting your list of "to dos" together or have been in the business for years, redefining and refining your process can save you time and headaches. We are going to go over creating your very own checklists for the following processes: new listings, New buyers, buyer offers, pending to closing for both buyers and sellers.

Client Appreciation Event Checklist

Remember your save the date cards and check in with your vendor! What else? Oh! Don't forget the thank you notes! We cover all of this and more in this easy-to-follow checklist for client appreciation events.

Client Intake Form

If you file by paper, then use this handy form for your client intake to make sure that you cover all your bases when you add a new potential client to your database.

Client Outcome Form

Don't let the details of a transaction or client's activity escape from memory. If you like to keep paper records, use this form to save those important details for when you need them.

Club Call - July 2015 - Making Moving Day Memorable

Listen to this month's Club Zebra coaching call where Denise presents on how to make your client's moving day a special one that will have them telling their friends and new neighbors all about you. Guest speaker Laurie Way adds her experience and suggestions too. If you're seeking a way to transition your client relationship from active to referrer, you won't want to miss this!

Club Call - September 2018 - Your Command Center

It's always a great time to clean and reorganize your office. However, so many office space solutions don't stick because they are too complicated and things still don't have a home. Join us as we discuss the most important nine square feet of real estate around your seat.

Denise Live! Creating a Communication Calendar

Do you wing it when it comes to communicating with your clients? Between keeping content straight between your database, farm, and social media, it can be confusing to remember what you did, what you have to do, and when! Coach Denise Lones will be showing you how to organize a communication calendar that will keep your communication on track.

Denise Live! Finding Your Technology Fit

Many agents struggle with knowing what the right level of technology is for their business. With all the temptations on the internet promising to be your silver bullet, it is easy to be pulled in too many directions and get nothing done. Combat your fear of missing out and make peace with your technology fit!

Homeowners Association Checklist

Buying or selling in an HOA adds another level of complexity on a transaction. Make sure you have all the information at your fingertips.

How To Do More Work In Less Time With Systems That Grow Your Business Automatically

Every successful business has one thing in common. Every failing business probably lacks the very same thing. I'm talking about systems. Systems are standardized procedures and plans that run, for the most part, automatically. They free you from the tasks of your business so you can concentrate on providing five-star service.

Important Dates Checklist

When is the inspection due? When will the financing contingency be satisfied? Keep track of them all with this easy-to-follow checklist.

Listing Walk-Through Checklist

It's time to do your first walk-through of a new listing - do you know what you are looking for? Make sure you get all the details right the first time and use our Listing Walk-Through Checklist! You'll have all the details you need, ready and at your fingertips when you start marketing the property.

Marketing Listing Checklist

Don't wing it when it comes to new listings! Have a system, check it twice, and get your listing the attention it deserves.

Moving Day Checklist

Change your address? Cancel service? Update information? There can be a lot to remember when moving! Luckily, you can begin with this list!

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