Work-Life Balance

Yes, you can have both a successful business and great quality of life, but it takes discipline, delegation, and planning. Discover how to set business rules and make room for the quality of life you deserve.

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Club Call - Postcards from the Edge

This June our topic is vacation coverage and tending to your business while you are away. We will discuss failed vacation coverage models, how to avoid coverage nightmares, and take a closer look at alternative models that are fairer for all involved.

Club Call - Rules and Boundaries for a Successful Summer

Summer is upon us and brokers near and far are ready for some well-deserved time off. But how do you make sure your time off doesn't turn into work time? We are going to discuss strategies for having a truly memorable and recharged vacation.

Conflict With Yourself

In this episode, Denise talks about situations where you are in conflict with yourself - situations where you upset yourself by breaking appointments and commitments that you have made to yourself.

Cornerstones in Your Real Estate Business

Think about all the real estate agents out there. Some have been out there just a day and they are already successful. Some have been in the business decades and are still at it. So what is it they know that is making them successful? Watch Denise Lones as she takes a look at what makes a real estate agent successful.

Denise Live! Building Successful Relationships

Everyone knows, real estate is a relationship business - whether it’s a listing presentation, a negotiation, or in your marketing. This September we’re going to be looking at communication skills for working with different personalities – how to read your client, a broker, or even a family member, so that you can effectively understand and respond to their needs. Understanding personalities is key to reducing relationship stress, avoiding communication mistakes, marketing your business, and so much more.

Denise Live! Power of Editing

Most brokers search for new ideas to add to their business, hoping and believing that it will propel them to success, when in fact it is the act of editing that often brings about the greatest results. In this webinar Denise will be discussing how editing can help you with examples of how you can edit your business, your space, and even tips for editing caustic communication.

Denise Live! Special Guest and Real Estate Coach Jay Adoago

Special guest, Seattle native, and fellow real estate coach Jay Agoado is an industry veteran of nearly two decades and he understands the challenges of creating a business that can be both successful and yet allow for an enjoyable quality of life. Jay joins us this Tuesday to share in our discussion of business balance and tips for navigating our often chaotic real estate profession.

Denise Live! Strategies for Avoiding Burn-Out

Fast-paced markets, demanding buyers, entitled sellers, and the business of being on-call all the time is a recipe for burn-out. Ready to call it quits? Avoiding burn-out starts with preparation, rules, and mindset. Learn how to give yourself something to look forward to every week and to reduce your stress.

Denise Live! Successfully Vacationing From Your Business

Everyone needs a break. However, if you are plugged-into your business the whole time than all you’ve really done is changed your office location. Learn the 20-percent rule and how to build a successful backup team you can confidently trust cover your business so that you can vacation with peace-of-mind.

Denise Live! Widen Your Sphere When You Volunteer

Benefit your community, nurture your sense of well-being, and grow your business opportunities by engaging as a volunteer. Has your social sphere wilted this past year under Covid? Learn how to find the right project for your passion and discover its personal and business growth benefits.

Denise Live: Building Balance Into Your Real Estate Business

Creating balance is something we all could be better at, but as an agent it can be a challenge with a changing schedule and shifting client demands. Learn from this discussion about how to create measurable quality-of-life goals and a plan for achieving them.

Denise Live: Mindset Matters, Finding the Peak Performer in You

There’s more to visualizing success than having an income target and both visualizing success and thinking outside-the-box are two of the many traits that peak performing agents are skilled in. You can learn these skills too and make room for success in your life.

Find Your People

Healthy relationships and working alongside people that share your outlook and compliment your weaknesses can propel your business and mental health to new heights. Just the same, negative cultures, toxic relationships, and personality friction can sap the life out of you and hurt your potential. Denise shares advice for dealing with unhealthy relationships.

How Selling Over 100 Homes a Year Almost Ruined My Life

On self-discipline, the consequences of living by reaction, and what it means to take action.

Personal Mastery, Part 2 - The Power of Saying No

In part two of three in Denise's Personal Mastery series, Denise addresses the art of saying, "No." Learn how the inability to say no is killing your time and what to do about it.

Personal Self-Discipline and the Real Estate Business

Whether you have resolutions to keep or you want to change business habits for a better year, self-discipline is key to achieving your goals. Join Denise as she discusses three strategies for successful self-discipline: the five-minute rule, accountability, and your daily routine.

Quality of Life - The True Value of Success

My son plays baseball for his school's team. Last Saturday, he had two games in one day - a double-header. The first was at 11:00 am. I arrived at the baseball field ten minutes early. But when I got out of my car, I thought maybe I had the wrong time. The players were practicing, but the stands on my team's side were empty except for one man.

Quality of Life Values Exercise

There is sometimes a disconnect between what we say we value as individuals and the things we choose to spend our energy on. This exercise is not for the faint of heart! We suggest devoting about two hours to this exercise. Dig deep and you will be richer from the result.

Quality of Life Wheel

First, use the questionnaire to answer the questions and get a score per category. Then, print out the Wheel in color (both pages). Cut the wheel down by category until it represents your score per category. Then glue the color wheel onto the gray placement wheel. We suggest putting it up somewhere where it can serve as a visual reminder of what is important to you.

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