Work-Life Balance

Yes, you can have both a successful business and great quality of life, but it takes discipline, delegation, and planning. Discover how to set business rules and make room for the quality of life you deserve.

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Club Call - June 2015 - Postcards from the Edge

This June our topic is vacation coverage and tending to your business while you are away. We will discuss failed vacation coverage models, how to avoid coverage nightmares, and take a closer look at alternative models that are fairer for all involved.

Club Call - June 2017 - Rules and Boundaries for a Successful Summer

Summer is upon us and brokers near and far are ready for some well-deserved time off. But how do you make sure your time off doesn't turn into work time? We are going to discuss strategies for having a truly memorable and recharged vacation.

Conflict With Yourself

In this episode, Denise talks about situations where you are in conflict with yourself - situations where you upset yourself by breaking appointments and commitments that you have made to yourself.

Cornerstones in Your Real Estate Business

Think about all the real estate agents out there. Some have been out there just a day and they are already successful. Some have been in the business decades and are still at it. So what is it they know that is making them successful? Watch Denise Lones as she takes a look at what makes a real estate agent successful.

Denise Live! Building Successful Relationships

Everyone knows, real estate is a relationship business - whether it’s a listing presentation, a negotiation, or in your marketing. This September we’re going to be looking at communication skills for working with different personalities – how to read your client, a broker, or even a family member, so that you can effectively understand and respond to their needs. Understanding personalities is key to reducing relationship stress, avoiding communication mistakes, marketing your business, and so much more.

Denise Live! Power of Editing

Most brokers search for new ideas to add to their business, hoping and believing that it will propel them to success, when in fact it is the act of editing that often brings about the greatest results. In this webinar Denise will be discussing how editing can help you with examples of how you can edit your business, your space, and even tips for editing caustic communication.

Denise Live! Widen Your Sphere When You Volunteer

Benefit your community, nurture your sense of well-being, and grow your business opportunities by engaging as a volunteer. Has your social sphere wilted this past year under Covid? Learn how to find the right project for your passion and discover its personal and business growth benefits.

Personal Mastery, Part 2 - The Power of Saying No

In part two of three in Denise's Personal Mastery series, Denise addresses the art of saying, "No." Learn how the inability to say no is killing your time and what to do about it.

Personal Self-Discipline and the Real Estate Business

Whether you have resolutions to keep or you want to change business habits for a better year, self-discipline is key to achieving your goals. Join Denise as she discusses three strategies for successful self-discipline: the five-minute rule, accountability, and your daily routine.

Quality of Life - The True Value of Success

My son plays baseball for his school's team. Last Saturday, he had two games in one day - a double-header. The first was at 11:00 am. I arrived at the baseball field ten minutes early. But when I got out of my car, I thought maybe I had the wrong time. The players were practicing, but the stands on my team's side were empty except for one man.

Quality of Life Values Exercise

There is sometimes a disconnect between what we say we value as individuals and the things we choose to spend our energy on. This exercise is not for the faint of heart! We suggest devoting about two hours to this exercise. Dig deep and you will be richer from the result.

Quality of Life Wheel

First, use the questionnaire to answer the questions and get a score per category. Then, print out the Wheel in color (both pages). Cut the wheel down by category until it represents your score per category. Then glue the color wheel onto the gray placement wheel. We suggest putting it up somewhere where it can serve as a visual reminder of what is important to you.

Rethinking Vacation Coverage and Commission Splits

When you're ready to take a vacation, business will have to continue without you. It's not a vacation if you have to be on the phone, messing with papers and thinking about work the whole time. You need to get away and you need a strategy for fairly compensating an agent who looks after your business while you're gone.

Rules for Your Business

Rules allow you to have a road map to follow which is critical for all agents today. The following rules are ones that cause agents the most challenges with all other areas of their business if they do not follow them. List the rules you currently have in your business and then list the rules you want to implement.

Ten Questions To Ask Yourself

Like it or not, there are no set hours in the real estate business. You work when the client needs you. You're constantly navigating around closings, listing presentations, phone calls, and emergencies.

The Top 5 Actions of Super-Productive Agents

With over two-decades experience, having been an agent in the trenches and later as a top-producer, Denise gets it. As a coach she has seen it all. She understands why agents are burnt-out, struggle to grow their income, who are overwhelmed with frustrating clients and are one bad transaction away from quitting. Here, Denise addresses these issues and the five actions that agents can take to escape and become a happier, balanced, super-producer.

Want To Get Away, You Can And You Should

I just returned from a week where I did nothing. Have you ever had one of those weeks? I bet it's been a while, right? Well, I have news for you: You CAN have weeks like this. Not only that, you SHOULD have weeks like this. In fact, you should PLAN to have weeks like this.

Want to Make More Money? Take More Time Off

Do you know Superagent? Superagent works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Superagent sells more real estate than anyone. Superagent never sleeps, always ready and on-call, tirelessly working on while her colleagues are falling behind.

Your Work-Life Balance

Often agents assign a random goal for themselves with no real analysis of why they want to achieve that or what they will need to sacrifice in their life to get there. Follow along as Denise walks you through the critical decisions you should make so that your business creates quality of life for you too. Learn to set rules and how to prioritize what is important to you.

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