Has life thrown you a curve ball? Maybe you are even thinking the grass looks greener somewhere else. Everyone experiences it, stop by here to learn what to do about it!

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Top Business Tips to Increase Your Income Fast!

Have you ever wondered how some real estate agents so effortlessly make a six figure income while others struggle so hard to barely scrape by? The simple fact is that some real estate agents are just smarter about marketing, yes, marketing. Here are a few marketing strategies I have used to help agents reach a six figure income.

Unbelievable, Shocking and Inexcusable

Over the years, real estate agents have gotten a bad rap. Every time I hear negative terms tossed around about them, I get defensive. In fact, I have spent decades standing up for the good name of real estate agents. But the recent behavior of one agent made me grind my teeth with aggravation. It all started with a friend of mine...

Want To Impress? Be Impressive!

It's no longer enough to print up some fancy brochures, place an ad of your smiling face, and wait for the phone to ring. Those days are gone. Modern real estate agents need to be impressive in ways that many never thought about a decade ago. But how do you be impressive in a market that's upside down?

What do All Thriving Agents Have in Common?

You know them. You talk to them. You work with them. They are those dynamic real estate agents who do well no matter what. The market can crash - but for them, that's okay. They do well anyway. They have that "special something." They never become overwhelmed by anything - not by the market, not by their clients, and not by the day-to-day real estate grind.

What Have You Done Wrong Lately

Have you recently looked long and hard at your business? A daily examination of our businesses - both the good and the bad - is an opportunity to take action and improve.  If we’re always on top of exactly what’s happening, there will be no surprises and we will be better able to deal with the losses and life's speed-bumps when they happen.

What Is Standing Between You And Your Paycheck?

I'm going to dish out a little tough love this week. It’s time. Truth is, I've had it. I've had it with what I call, "real estate negligence." Every week - heck, every day - agents call me concerned about where their next paycheck is going to come from. Some are worried about earning enough to make their next mortgage payment.

Why Some Agents Succeed While Others Fail

I'm going to make what may appear to be a radical statement: Real estate agents who succeed often do so in spite of themselves. It's not about the talent. You can be the most talented agent in your area, and still not succeed. It's not about energy. I know some whirlwind agents who seem to be working 24/7, but never get things done.

You Make The Market

When I managed a large real estate office, I learned a powerful lesson. Sitting at my desk one day, it suddenly hit me. It was a revelation. The revelation was this: I make my own market. No matter how dire the news. No matter how "downward trending" the statistics may be. No matter what anyone else says. My market is the one I create for myself.

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