Has life thrown you a curve ball? Maybe you are even thinking the grass looks greener somewhere else. Everyone experiences it, stop by here to learn what to do about it!

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A Shocking Phone Call

You know something is very wrong with our industry when a top producing agent - and I'm talking a major player here - calls to inform me that she's going to be getting out of the market.

Analyze Your Quality of Life

In order to create a plan that will enhance your quality of life you must first decide what is REALLY important to you. Most people's priorities have nothing to do with what they want (or their values) but rather what they just must do or need to do to simply catch up with all the events that are going on in their hectic lives.

Are You A Business or Just Another Real Estate Agent

Many real estate agents fail to act on one essential truth - they are a business.

Are You In It To Win It?

Have you ever asked yourself why you haven't reached the full potential of your abilities? You know in your heart that you can be more, but you're not quite there yet. Finding out why you're not requires some deep soul-searching. Take a few moments right now to ask yourself three questions, the answers to which will unveil what's holding you back.

Avoiding Bright Shiny Objects

Are you a distracted agent who's always looking for the, "latest thing?" In this short pep-talk, Denise talks about how "bright, shiny objects" distract agents from being successful and what do to about it.

Birds of a Feather

I recently visited a real estate office for a business analysis. I walked in and said hello to the receptionist, who told me that the manager would be with me in a few minutes. I noticed four people talking in the resource room. By their conversation, they seemed to be real estate agents. One was doing floor duty and the others were - well, I'm not exactly sure what the others were doing.

Building Tomorrow's Business Today

The challenge with the real estate business is that often when you work the hardest is when you get paid the least. In real estate you don't get paid when you call a client, you don't get paid when you list a house, you don't get paid when you do a mailout, you don't get paid when you work on your marketing, and you don't get paid when you do CMA's.

Club Call - January 2015 - 5 Ideas to Jump Start Your Year

This Club Zebra coaching call is all about things you should do to get your business organized and ready to grow. Denise has a wide variety of tips for exactly how you can get started with home/office organization, video marketing, geographical farming, learning technology and keeping connected with your prospects and clients.

Club call - September 2019 - The Sky is Not Falling

It seems like not a day goes by that there isn't a reason to throw in the towel on your real estate career. From misbehaving agents to overly-demanding and unrealistic clients, to industry news that makes you want to bury your head in the sand, how can you possibly stay positive and stay above it? Denise has got some great pointers and ways to shield yourself from the negativity that can K.O. your mojo.

Contrarian Selling - The Key To Big Money In Real Estate

Most people are conformists, not contrarians. When we're children, society drills it into our heads to "fit in," "follow the crowd," and "avoid making waves." This may work when you're in grammar school, but when it comes to selling real estate the opposite is true. Being a contrarian is your key to big money because it helps you to stand out from the crowd, which is much more important than fitting in.

Cornerstones in Your Real Estate Business

Think about all the real estate agents out there. Some have been out there just a day and they are already successful. Some have been in the business decades and are still at it. So what is it they know that is making them successful? Watch Denise Lones as she takes a look at what makes a real estate agent successful.

Denise live! Breaking Bad Habits

Bad habits can suck hours out of your life each and every week and could be costing you thousands each year in commission! Now is the time to get refocused and rev up your business, but unless you make a plan to squelch those bad habits, will you be able to see those plans through? Let's get real about bad habits holding your business back and empower you to take back control!

Denise Live! Finding the Top Performer in You

Professional golfer Tiger Woods quips, "I smile at obstacles and my will can move mountains." It is a mindset and a great example of how many top performers approach each day before them. In this episode of Denise Live we’re going to take a look at how you can find your inner top performer too!

Get Out of the Comfort Zone - It's Destroying Your Business!

Think about the last time you made a major change in your life or your business. What was it that compelled you to make such a big life decision? What was the motivation behind it? What was it that made you say, "I have to make a change?" Was it an outside event that pushed you to make that change?

How New (And Experienced) Agents Can Win The Confidence Game

It's the dreaded question that no new agent wants to hear: "How long have you been in the real estate business?" Nothing flip-flops a new agent's stomach like that question. He or she fears that the answer they give will cause the potential client to go elsewhere.

How to Make Money Now, Not Later

You need to make money NOW, in fact RIGHT NOW!!! You don't have time to take a sales class or even attend a full-day seminar, you need to turn on the money faucet YESTERDAY! Learn how to take the type of action that is required to jumpstart your business FAST. This is not the time to build the perfect business, it is the time to go hunting. If you hate prospecting but need a jumpstart you've come to the right place.

Jump-Start Your New Year

Want to start your year off with a bang? Forget all those business plans that have you note you income or transaction goals with no plan to get there. What you need is an action plan! Join Denise as she outlines the one-time and ongoing tasks you need to master in your business for the coming year.

Losing Your Mojo and How to Get it Back

It's an up and down market - and when it's down it can really drain your business-will, your mojo, your motivation. If you have lost your confidence and become fearful about your business, then listen to this conference call which was hosted by Denise. She will offer you advice on how to reinvent your attitude and energize your business.

Overcoming Fear

In this tip Denise addresses fear. All agents deal with fear - whether its about asking for a price reduction or fear of where the next paycheck comes from - fear is everywhere. Discover where fear comes from.

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