Planning and Goals

Don't just dream about a successful real estate business! Discover strategies, action plans and the how-to of getting from where you are now to where you want your business to be.

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One Thing

In this pep talk, Denise asks you to identify the things that are wasting your time and not making you money.

Peak Performance, Part 2: Attitude and Mindset

Part two of four. Don't miss this video which focuses on attitude and mindset. This area is one of the most critical to master on the path to peak performance. Learn why it's so important to conquer the mental challenges of peak performance.

Peak Performance, Part 3: Action and Implementation

Peak Performers aren't just born as such. They achieve it. Action and implementation is a very important step in getting there!

Peak Performance, Part 4: Systems and Tools

Part four of four of our discussion about peak performers. Now that we've talked about how important it is to take action and have a great attitude, but critical to every peak performer is the use of tools and systems to help achieve that peak performance. Denise will share with you what some of those tools are that peak performers are using in their business.

Personal Mastery, Part 1 - Knowing Yourself is the First Step

No successful business owner can get there without mastering themselves. Learn what that means in this first part of Denise's short three-part series on personal mastery.

Personal Self-Discipline and the Real Estate Business

Whether you have resolutions to keep or you want to change business habits for a better year, self-discipline is key to achieving your goals. Join Denise as she discusses three strategies for successful self-discipline: the five-minute rule, accountability, and your daily routine.

Preparedness Assessment

Action and implementation.  Nine of the 27 proficiencies of peak performance fall within this category. Are you ready to move into the peak performance zone? Our Preparedness Assessment will help you determine if you're open to the process.

Review of Your Journey

This worksheet is designed to help you review the highlights, strengths and weaknesses of your business as you have steered it over the last couple of years.

Rules Document

Denise recommends each agent have rules in their business - rules for time off, rules for pricing, commission, the types of properties you won't sell, and your geographical boundaries. Rules will provide you with freedom to say no!

Set Yourself Up for Success

Many agents take a little time each year to think about their goals. They may look at their business, make a goal to earn a little more, and leave it at that. However, to make a goal achievable, it takes more than just putting a number on a sheet of paper, it must also be actionable. Different people approach goes from different directions based on their response to challenge. Learn within how to identify your challenge-response habit, how that impacts your goals, and how to develop an action plan that can lead you to success.

The 60 Minute Secret

It's the dinner hour, maybe later, and you look back over your day. Was it a day full of interruptions, pulled this way and that by the needs of the moment? This is how many agents and brokers spend much of their time. It's no surprise that at the end of the day they can't point to anything they did to sustain and grow their business. There's a simple and satisfying secret to breaking the cycle of react, react, react. Denise will share it with you in this video.

The Good News About Bright, Shiny Objects

In my business, I talk to a lot of agents. I talk to agents about their successes. I talk to agents about their challenges. I talk to agents who love what they do; I talk to agents who are struggling to stay afloat in this economy. No two conversations are alike, because no two agents are alike.

The Importance of Accountability

Denise speaks on the importance of four areas of accountability. Who are you accountable to? What things should you be accountable to? Watch this short presentation to find out more.

The Over/Under Principle

As a small business owner, you are the boss. You run the show. You're in charge of marketing, promotion, operations, and service. Perhaps you’re a master of all of these. Yet, one of the biggest mistakes I see in small business owners - and, yes, that includes you as a real estate agent - is something very basic, and deadly to your business.

The Power of One

Part of my company's mission statement includes being the source for real estate success. So it's no surprise that I hear from agents every day who want to improve their business. As I listen to them, I notice a common theme. They are overwhelmed with ideas for change. Many of them have lists of dozens of things they want to tackle, but they don't know where to start.

The Three Levels of a Real Estate Agent's Career

As real estate agents, we all want to succeed. That's a given. But often we're so close to the daily grind of our work that we don't know where we are in our careers.

Tools for Tracking Your Business

How much did you bring in last year? Which month was your best? Historically, which months are your strongest in terms of activity? Did you know that many agents follow the same production patterns year in and year out? Do you know that by harnessing this data, you can predict your natural busy and slow times, allowing you to really plan for that downtime? Join Shauna as she shows you how to put our powerful Agent GCI and Activity tool to work for you.

Vision for Your Business Questionnaire

There are key questions that every agent must ask themselves when creating their business plan. As agents become busier with their business and as the daily demands of selling real estate increase, it is easy to forget why you are an agent and what is important to you. Answer the questions below to help determine was your vision for your business is.

What do All Thriving Agents Have in Common?

You know them. You talk to them. You work with them. They are those dynamic real estate agents who do well no matter what. The market can crash - but for them, that's okay. They do well anyway. They have that "special something." They never become overwhelmed by anything - not by the market, not by their clients, and not by the day-to-day real estate grind.

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