Planning and Goals

Don't just dream about a successful real estate business! Discover strategies, action plans and the how-to of getting from where you are now to where you want your business to be.

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Denise Live! What Worked and Didn't Work This Year In Your Business

A look back at 2022 might give you whiplash. Our year started with a housing market bursting out of Covid, to a housing market in the tight grip of limited inventory, and then there came the high interest rates. Your business might have been a whirlwind too! Today we'll be helping you take stock of what worked and didn’t work so you can come out stronger and more-resilient in 2023.

Denise Live! Your 2023 Finish Line, and Beyond

Whether 2023 was rubbish or one of your best ever,  it’s time to look ahead! This Tuesday, coach Denise will be discussing the critical things you can do to prepare for the coming year, starting with essential year-end MLS knowledge, market, and business opportunities to watch for, and actions you can start taking now that will grow and sustain you.

Denise Live! Your Community-Building Plan

Our profession is truly best face-to-face, when we are involved with our communities, in-person with our clients, and in-tune with our local neighborhoods. This year we challenge you to seek ways to make deeper connections with your community and in this week’s episode we’ll be looking at different opportunities for community involvement that will nourish your business, your neighbors, and your spirit.

Denise Live! Your Connection Plan

Client outreach is life to your real estate business – whether you are marketing for future clients or maintaining relationships with past clients.

Embracing Discipline

Self-discipline so important to being successful in anything that you do - whether that is personally, professionally, but especially for being successful in real estate!

Famine Proofing Your Business

How do you famine proof your business? In this webinar Denise will discuss how to create layers in your business that will help to keep you consistently producing. Every successful business has layers of excellence and Denise will show you what you need to do in your business to get your layers in order. If you think of your favorite restaurant you can see the layering effect in action,  great food, great atmosphere, great pricing. Let Denise help you define and plan your layers of success.

Five Tools To Implement In The New Year

Here we are. The holidays are over. Time for a fresh start. Had a bad last year? Put it behind you. It's over and done with. Time for a new you. It's time to figure out what you need to move your business up to the next level.

Getting to Know Your Client Profile

Why is client profiling so important?  Because it helps you to not waste your time, energy, and money  When you become skilled at client profiling, you get to work with the people who want to work with you. Learn how to identify your client profile with these four tips.

How to Create a Business Plan That Will Really Make You Money

A business plan without a specific set of action steps is nothing more than an exercise in goal planning. A successful business plan will be the blueprint for your business's success. Learn to create a plan that will get you the results you need and learn the exact steps you must take to get EXACTLY where you want to go.

How to Get Started In Real Estate

If you are even remotely thinking about getting into Real Estate or just gotten into Real Estate you need this CD! Many people think selling Real Estate is an easy career that simply requires a smile and a good attitude. To be successful in Real Estate you must have a strategic plan and an effective marketing campaign. You also need to make money in the first six months or you are not going to last. Learn how to jump start your career and get on the right track now.

How to Make Money Now, Not Later

You need to make money NOW, in fact RIGHT NOW!!! You don't have time to take a sales class or even attend a full-day seminar, you need to turn on the money faucet YESTERDAY! Learn how to take the type of action that is required to jumpstart your business FAST. This is not the time to build the perfect business, it is the time to go hunting. If you hate prospecting but need a jumpstart you've come to the right place.

How Your Personality Style Affects Your Business

In this conference call Denise talks about the power of personality and your unique business model - one of her favorite topics. What works for one agent doesn't necessarily work for the next agent down the hall. Unlock the secret to how your personality influences your business daily.

Importance of Setting Goals

Goals give us something to reach for and give us direction. Follow along with Denise Lones as she covers the importance of setting goals and how to achieve them.

Lead Generation Essential For Your Business

No matter how hard you try to avoid it, it's impossible. Inevitably, you wake up one day and you're out of business. Nothing in your pipeline. No income. No hope. Why? How did this happen? What did you do wrong? I know it’s a scary thought, but many agents wake up to this realization one morning and begin to panic.

Lessons Learned From Tax Season

If you're like most real estate agents, then you find it difficult to track the finite details of your business - your money, the results of your advertising, client retention, days on market numbers, list-to-sale price ratios. The list is truly endless. But, just like filing your income taxes, tracking is an essential task. Have you learned your lesson from last tax season?

More Than Just a Transaction - Create a Memorable Experience Instead!

One of my colleagues has been raving about a local business. She keeps telling me, "Denise, you just HAVE to visit this place! It's a local farm that grows apples but it's just amazing on so many levels."

My Business Goals

Quality of life, lead generation, income tracking and follow-up are keystones to your success in the real estate business. These hold up your business goals, whether that be a commission goal, goal to contribute a portion of your earnings to charity, or sell a certain number of homes per year. The first step to achieving these goals is to define them. This in-depth workbook is designed to help you define your goals and then create a plan of steps for achieving them.

Numbers You Should Know In Your Real Estate Business

Join Denise Lones for a discussion about the numbers that define your business health. What do your numbers say about your business? Do you like working with more buyers than sellers or 'ice 'ersa? Do you ha'e regular consistent business or do your numbers show you how sporadic your acti'ities are? If you don't ha'e a fool proof plan that ensures a smooth growing business, maybe the numbers can help you create the business you want.

One Thing

In this pep talk, Denise asks you to identify the things that are wasting your time and not making you money.

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