Task Management

Every agent knows, you have to be nimble with your time and wear many hats in this business. Learn how to manage your time by managing your tasks and other sanity saving skills.

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Accountability Why You Need It And Why It Works

Discover the power of accountability and the impact that it has on peoples' lives.

Checking Your Checklists

Do you find yourself "winging it" every transaction? Or is your entire process in your head? Whether you are just getting your list of "to dos" together or have been in the business for years, redefining and refining your process can save you time and headaches. We are going to go over creating your very own checklists for the following processes: new listings, New buyers, buyer offers, pending to closing for both buyers and sellers.

Club Call - Gain More Minutes In Your Day

If there's a most precious commodity as a real estate agent, it's your time. This month we're looking at strategies for making the most of your time. Believe it or not, you won't lose a wink of sleep as you add those minutes. Increasing your efficiency is the name of the game! In this call we talked about scheduling efficiency, delegation, home organization tips that save time, financial and paperwork time savers and much more.

Club Call - Self-Discipline Solutions for a New Year

We will be discussing time and task management pitfalls, solutions for the different personality types, accountability, and how to get more done - efficiently.

Daily Task Management Sheet

With space for appointments, contacts, tasks and notes, this printable worksheet can provide your day with much needed structure so that you can achieve your goals.

Denise Live! A Day in the Life of a Successful Agent

Marketing, education, product knowledge, developing relationships, lead generation, client management, and more all compete for your attention. What is the right mix of activities that will set you on a trajectory to business nirvana? Denise examines how peak performing agents prioritize and organize for success by the day, week, and month.

Denise Live! Adjusting Your Business to be More Seller-Centered

If you watch the competition, you likely know at least one agent who just seems to have all the luck finding new listing clients. Is it really luck? Of course not. There is a skill to steadily adding new listing business to your pipeline.

Denise Live! Breaking Bad Habits

Bad habits can suck hours out of your life each and every week and could be costing you thousands each year in commission! Now is the time to get refocused and rev up your business, but unless you make a plan to squelch those bad habits, will you be able to see those plans through? Let's get real about bad habits holding your business back and empower you to take back control!

Denise Live! Disorganization is Hurting Your Business

Have you lost a buyer referral due to poor scheduling habits? Ever misplaced a critical listing presentation prop among your piles? Did you miss-out on reimbursements or tax-breaks due to missing records? Is there a mess getting in the way of doing your monthly marketing? Disorganization can kill your business with a thousand cuts and Denise is here with both organizing strategies and options for agents who don’t have the time.

Denise Live! Facing the Excuses that are Holding You Back

Agents will often explain away what went wrong - maybe a transaction didn't work because a buyer's expectations were too high or a listing was lost because another company had a better business model. Here we take a look at the excuses that harm business success and how you can overcome and move past them.

Denise Live! How to Better Leverage Your Time

One thing on many wish-lists this year is for more time - more time for family, more time for business tasks, more time for recreation. Yet everyone knows you can’t just create more time. Join us for a closer look at expert strategies for making better use of your most limited asset.

Denise Live! Keeping Your Real Estate Business On Track

A healthy mindset, a great action plan, and task management can do wonders for your life and business goals. But what do you do when you hit a roadblock? Whether tragedy, emergency, or just simply sliding back into your old ways, everyone needs a way to pull themselves back up. This week at Denise Live we've got 5 tips to help you stay on track when life throws you a curve ball.

Denise Live! Organize Your Business and Life With Trello

Trello-veteran Denise Lones has expert tips focused on helping real estate agents quickly get started and make the most of this amazing tool. Set your business on course this year with better organization and self-accountability.

Denise Live! Prioritizing, How to Get More Done in the Time You Have

We are pulled in more directions than ever before. If you find you have things that you really want to get done in your business in 2021, but just don’t have the time to do it, pull up a chair and join Denise as she shares some tips for getting more done and feeling focused. Here is a hint - Hour of Power is just one small piece of this; there are several other things you can do to work with intention and driven to get the things done you need to take care of business.

Denise Live! The Power of Planning

Do you struggle to visualize how to reach your goals? You’re not alone. In today’s fail-fast-and-learn-lessons world, taking a shortcut and skipping the work of planning is a strong temptation. Yet a little effort into planning can save you money, time, and greatly increase your odds of success. Join us as we look at three parts of your business where you can use the power of planning to your advantage: your database, your lead generation, and your finances.

How to Manage Your Tasks, Not Your Time

Most Real Estate Agents spin their wheels day-to-day rushing around taking care of the most urgent need placed in front of them at that time. Learn how to run your entire business using task management not time management. The nature of Real Estate makes time management impossible. The nature of the typical Real Estate agent makes task management a perfect solution for the type of business they are in. You will be given task management ideas, checklists, forms and plans to completely revolutionize the way you do business.

Monthly To-Do List

Take incremental steps to achieving your business success every month and use this sheet to define those steps so that you don't forget them!

One Thing

In this pep talk, Denise asks you to identify the things that are wasting your time and not making you money.

Record of Calls

This customizeable Word Document is perfect for tracking your client communication. Add and delete columns as needed.

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