Branding Your Business

This is where we cover the ins-and-outs of developing a real estate brand that takes you out of a sea of look-a-likes. Learn how to visually communicate your business values.

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Successful Brands

Join Denise, founder of The Lones Group, on a journey through her favorite brands from over the past decade. Hear the stories behind three special agents whose brands met and solved problems in their business.

Taking a Great Photo

Getting an updated professional photo can be a necessary part of getting a brand developed. If you have a photo you already use, you should ask yourself some questions. Is this an accurate representation of how I currently come across to clients? Do I look like this? Do I look friendly and approachable? What first impression would someone have of me when looking at this photo? If getting a new photo has just risen to the top of your "to do" list, download this white paper.

The Painted Zebra, Issue 1

Our flagship issue contains tips for listing presentations, rock star agent highlights from the Real Estate Success Summit, experience books, and show-and-tell of incredible branded marketing pieces being used by agents in the field.

The Painted Zebra, Issue 2

In this edition of the Painted Zebra, we are focused on the importance of visual impact – that which makes an impression and conveys your point of difference. It allows potential buyers and sellers as well as current and past clients an easy way to distinguish you from a sea of other real estate agents. We have showcased agents who have found their unique voice and have created a brand that reflects it. We also put a spotlight on the importance of strong visual open house tools to show you how to make your open houses memorable and impressive.

The Painted Zebra, Issue 3

You may wonder how a boutique real estate branding, marketing, and coaching firm in little Bellingham, Washington can know anything about helping real estate agents in Los Angeles, Miami, or even Bennington, Vermont. The answer is quite simple: get to know the agent, get to know their market, get to understand their client base, and from there prescribe and created a customized winning strategy based on their individual business needs, values, authentic self, and talents.

The Painted Zebra, Issue 4

In this edition of the Painted Zebra, – we look at our rock star brokers of 2019! Also Denise discusses setting goals and making solutions to start out the new year.

The Painted Zebra, Issue 5

How often do you stand back and look at your business from a big picture perspective? Probably not too often. It can be difficult when you are juggling everything and focused on getting through the tasks and details of day to day of your job. But if you find yourself doing the same grind year after year, then taking a moment to look at the big picture can be exactly what you need to catapult you to the next level. This issue highlights agents that excel at this task.

The Power of Marketing: A Powerful Case Study

Her name is Molly. She is professional, dedicated, hard-working, thorough, and she delivers what she promises. She is a real estate agent - and a very good one. I had the pleasure of meeting Molly a number of years ago at a conference that I was teaching at. She was the best-dressed in the class, oozed success and confidence, was the first one in the class every day, wore a name tag and a smile and appeared to be the epitome of a successful real estate agent. This was the last person in the class that I expected to ask me for help in her business.

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