Whether organizing your files, using our online tools, learning how to make changes to your branding, or need help making a snazzy graph for your next presentation, we've got you covered.

How to Mail Merge in Microsoft Publisher

Follow along with The Lones Group CEO Shauna Naf as she demonstrates step-by-step how you can quickly and easily create mailings for all of your clients by using the power of the mail merge function in Microsoft Publisherâ„¢.

Organizing Your Business Files

A complete system for keeping your business computer files orderly.

Linking Excel With Publisher

Learn how to connect Excel files with MS Publisher and easily publish beautiful graphs.

Outlook 2013 eStationery - Fixing Broken Images

Step-by-step instructions for troubleshooting broken-image problems common to Outlook 2013.

Publisher 2016: How to Customize a 1-Page House Flyer

Market your next listing in a flash! This quick, 5 minute tutorial covers the basics of customizing a 1-page flyer in Microsoft Publisher, including changing photos, text, tips for file organization, and exporting to a PDF to send to a printer.

Choosing a Printing Vendor

Join Shauna for an exploration of print vendors. In this webinar we'll look at a variety of vendors, both on and offline. We'll discuss what to look for when choosing a vendor, questions you should ask before you commit, and what information you can provide to your new vendor to get your printing relationship off to a great start.

Touring the Potential Income Tracker

In this video we tour the Potential Income Tracker. This amazing tool helps you track your "almost-now" clients - those who will likely buy or sell in the next twelve months. Follow along as we tour the features of the Potential Income Tracker.

Branding Graphic File Types

Image file types you may encounter during the branding process and their use.

Battling the Database Doldrums

Join CEO Shauna Naf in this start-to-finish tour of creating a monthly mailer piece in Microsoft Publisher. We'll be sharing lots of great ideas for content and cover all the details of exactly how you can put together a monthly mailer, starting from a blank branded article template. If you have received your branding from us and are looking for an in-depth guide to creating your first mailer, this is a must watch video for you.

Microsoft Publisher: How to Replace Missing Fonts

Missing a font? Learn how to set a replacement font in Microsoft Publisher in less than 60 seconds.

Touring the Business Foundations Tools

Business Foundations refers to your basic business tools - client care, identity and property marketing business tools like listing flyers, business cards and letterhead that are essential to your basic real estate agent business needs. Shauna will be giving you a tour today of these tools. Follow along with Shauna Naf as she shows you how to work with them and how they fit into your business.

Microsoft Publisher: Turning Off Hyphenation

Hyphenation making your content hard to read? Learn how to turn hyphenation off in less than 60 seconds.

Finding Fabulous Photos

Need to spruce up a mailer and give it life? Need a great photo for your buyer or seller package? Putting together a blog post and need it to pop? Join Shauna as she shows you some different stock photography sites, how to find good photos, stock photo site membership options, what you need to know about licensing and more!

Adobe InDesign: How to Replace Missing Fonts

Missing a font? Learn how to set a replacement font in Adobe InDesign in less than 60 seconds.

Microsoft Publisher: Easy Logo Color Changes

Is your branded logo getting lost on a busy background photo? Our design department offers a simple tutorial for addressing this problem.

Adobe InDesign: Turning Off Hyphenation

Hyphenation making your content hard to read? Learn how to turn hyphenation off in less than 60 seconds.

How to Add Bleeds to a Document for Professional Printing

What do you do when you have a file in either Microsoft Publisher or Adobe InDesign and you need to convert it to include printing bleeds? Follow along as Shauna shows you how it is done!

WordPress: Automated Re-Blogging with WPeMatico

Whether you need to consolidate your blog content from another site you own or you want to automatically syndicate content from your firm, WPeMatico is a great tool for getting the job done. Join us as we dive into this time-saving WordPress plugin.