You business on-the-go cannot function without technology. Learn the basics you need to overcome tech-fears, how to make a video, social media strategies, websites and much more.

Blogging Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Looking for blog topic inspiration? We've been saving up ideas for what to blog about and will share them with you right here. So take a look and get beyond that writer's block!

Outlook 2013 eStationery - Fixing Broken Images

Step-by-step instructions for troubleshooting broken-image problems common to Outlook 2013.

Business Boost Ep7: Wowing Potential Clients with Your Real Estate Website

A strong website is the cornerstone of your online presence, where people that you don’t know can verify and learn about your expertise and the services you provide. In this webinar we will cover: how to use your brand as a basis for a compelling website, the features that visitors love, and time saving website features for agents.

Email Management Tips

It's about time we had a little discussion about email. It is one of the biggest challenges I see agents dealing with every day. I bet you know what I mean. It starts in the morning like a slow drip of a faucet - one, two, three, and then suddenly there are ten email messages waiting for you. Before you know it, your inbox is cluttered.

Is Technology Driving You Forward or Holding You Back?

For any business owner, technology is a powerful tool. When used to its full potential, it helps you save time, make money, and can make the previously impossible a possibility. On the flip-side, technology is equally as powerful in its ability to slow you down. It can cost you money. It can create huge challenges in your business - if you don't know how to use it.

How to Verify Your YouTube Channel

A quick tutorial on how and why you should verify your YouTube Account

What You Should And Shouldn't Be Doing Online

With so much of our world online nowadays, it’s a wonder agents don’t go crazy making decisions about what they should be doing with their computers. Blog sites. Social networking sites. Business networking sites. Video sites. It can feel overwhelming.

Email Communication Samples

At a loss for words? Let us help. Here are three sample emails that cover a range of typical follow-up scenarios.

Finding Fabulous Photos

Need to spruce up a mailer and give it life? Need a great photo for your buyer or seller package? Putting together a blog post and need it to pop? Join Shauna as she shows you some different stock photography sites, how to find good photos, stock photo site membership options, what you need to know about licensing and more!

Facebook: Introduction to Marketing

How to decide if marketing on Facebook is a good fit for your business strategy, a beginner's tour of the Ads Manager and we'll also cover three basic Facebook advertisement strategies for real estate agents.

Posting a Video to YouTube

Are you thinking about incorporating video into your business but aren't sure where to start or even how a YouTube channel works? Join Shauna as she provides an overview of YouTube's Video Manager, discusses the three ways you can post a video for a specific audience, reviews attention-getting titles and finally, how to write a description that gets the viewership you want.

Creating a Google My Business Listing

Without a strong search engine presence, when people search for you by name they may think you aren't serious about your business. The single best way to dominate searches for your business is by claiming a Google My Business profile. We'll show you how and the many benefits included in this crucial online marketing presence.

Your First YouTube Channel

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, has as many users as Facebook, and it reaches more U.S. adults between 18 and 34 than any cable network. If you want to boost your business and reach more millennial prospects, it's a great place to attract their attention. In this webinar we'll be walking you through how to setup a YouTube channel, how to upload a video and video options, and how to personalize your new channel with your own branded look. Presented by Randy Bowers, Director of Technology.

Facebook Events for Real Estate

Take a tour of Facebook's Events feature. We will discuss different kinds of events that you might use this advertising feature for, how settings work, and various ways that you can get your event in front of the right Facebook audience.

3 Ways to Discover Shareable Real Estate Content

Whether you are a blogger looking for ideas for your next masterpiece or just need something interesting to share to your Facebook page, having a regular source of content is useful, demonstrates how you are connected to your industry, and helps inform and build your base of followers. Learn three ways that you can reliably discover shareable news at today's Mastery Forum.

Facebook: Measuring Marketing with the Facebook Pixel

If you are spending money at Facebook to drive traffic to your website, the Facebook Pixel is an essential tool for tracking those visitors once they arrive at your website. At this webinar we'll show you how to get your Pixel and how to add it to your WordPress website.

5 Tips for Writing a Captivating Headline

Whether you create content for a blog or just need a great introductory sentence for your listings, Shauna will provide you with a formula for writing headlines that will send your writer’s block to the curb and empower your creativity. She will also share her list of go-to words and phrases that compel people to action.

WordPress: Automated Re-Blogging with WPeMatico

Whether you need to consolidate your blog content from another site you own or you want to automatically syndicate content from your firm, WPeMatico is a great tool for getting the job done. Join us as we dive into this time-saving WordPress plugin.