Money Management

Face down your money fears and take control of your budget. Learn skills from basic tracking of finances for your business to investing and wealth building.

Agent GCI and Activity

Use this Excel spreadsheet to record your activity. Automatically graphs!

Denise's Money In Money Out worksheet

Tracking your money doesn't have to be boring! In this new and improved Money In Money Out sheet, you have the ability to set budgets for a variety of expense items. When you are overbudget the worksheet will automatically see that and indicate that you are overbudget. You can also track your income, and see where you truly wind up at the end of the month. You can create a new document for every month, or create one sheet per year and navigate through your months through tabs at the bottom.

How to Take Control of Your Money So That Tax Time Isn't a Struggle Anymore

Does tax time make you nervous? Your not alone. Many people stress-out at the thought of filing their taxes. And as an real estate agent, there might be additional concerns beyond the standard 1040EZ since you may also be operating as a business owner. It doesn't have to be that way. Learn how to take care of your money and escape the hand-wringing stress of tax time.

Net Worth Analysis

Hate working with a budget? Try our Net Worth Analysis instead!

Lessons Learned From Tax Season

If you're like most real estate agents, then you find it difficult to track the finite details of your business - your money, the results of your advertising, client retention, days on market numbers, list-to-sale price ratios. The list is truly endless. But, just like filing your income taxes, tracking is an essential task. Have you learned your lesson from last tax season?

How Much Should I Spend On My Marketing?

This is perhaps the most important question a real estate agent - or any business owner, for that matter - could possibly ask. Its significance stems from the fact that your marketing is the engine that drives your business. Without a power source to propel it onwards, your business will stall out and eventually stop completely.

You've Got To Spend Money To Make Money

If there's one thing I'm sure about when it comes to real estate agents, it's that we're a frugal lot. We don't like to spend money on anything. Part of this comes from a consumer culture that tells us to "Save... invest... then save some more."

Investment Cash Flow Worksheet

Project not only rise in rent over time, but also expenses and also show change in equity with this handy worksheet!
**Added Cap Rate and Gross Rent Multiplier Feature 6/3/15

"Love this worksheet, used it already...Very easy to use and understand.
Thank you Shauna!"
-Aranka Fruehauf

Appreciation Worksheet

This is the most accurate way to calculate appreciation in an area but finding individual appreciation rates can be a pain! However, take some of the pain of calculation out of the equation with this worksheet. One thing to note - if you are figuring appreciation over a period of time, try to look at solds that have sold recently to get the most accurate recent number.

Renovations: 10 Common Costly Mistakes, Part 1

Inevitably you will have clients who are thinking about renovating before selling or renovating after buying. Join Denise for a tour of terrible choices that your clients should avoid at all costs. Knowing where things can go wrong in renovations can save you and your clients a lot of money and headache!

Developing Financial Awareness

Building financial awareness is a critical part of understanding your real estate business, measuring progress and meeting your goals. Join Denise for a discussion covering budgets, net worth, and the future value calculator.

Business Personal Income Chart

This worksheet doesn't include the monthly detail that say, Denise's Money In Money Out sheet does, but if you want to track where you have been and where you want to go, this worksheet will do just that. And it includes automated graphs to boot!

For Investors - Timing is Everything

This article will help you discuss the importance of timing when buying or selling, and will illustrate how supply and demand works in a real estate market.

Five Ways to Put the Future Value Calculator to Work for You

You might have heard about the Future Value Calculator, but have you thought about how you can use it in your business with clients? From working with on-the-fence buyers to running move-up buyer scenarios, the Future Value Calculator can become the go-to tool in your real estate toolbox. Join Shauna Naf, Calculator Creator as she shares her ideas and know-how with you.

An Accountant in your Corner

Every March we hear from agents who are freaked out about tax time. The one thing agents need to know about tax time is that it's a great opportunity to reevaluate and start fresh. Learn about the opportunities available to you at this time of year.

Making Friends with the Money Monster

In this webinar we will be discussing how to take control of your financial affairs, net worth, the importance of a budget and money management tips for the real estate agent. We will also address the emotional side of money and how to overcome past financial failures. This is a great webinar for agents who want to understand the core elements of setting yourself up for financial success and the rules of mastering money!

Introduction to Tax Liens as an Investment Strategy

This introduction to tax liens is designed to provide you with an overview of the process so that you can determine if this is an investment strategy that you want to learn more about. Join Denise as she covers lien basics, tax lien certificates and deeds, as well as the municipal process for tax liens. She will also share tips for how to separate good tax lien opportunities from bad ones.

Renovations: 10 Common Costly Mistakes, Part 2

Whether you are considering a remodel for your own home or advising a buyer or seller, don't miss Denise's follow-up webinar with 10 more common mistakes. Be the hero whose planning and advice helps save both money and time with great renovation wisdom from experienced home-remodeling expert Denise Lones.