Lead Generation

The life-blood of your real estate business. From absentee owners to prospecting international buyers, we cover everything you need to choose your market and then dominate it.

Neighborhood Open House Invitation Letter

Can your real estate invitation letters draw more buzz? A special invitation to the neighbors should be part of your plan. We’ve made it easy for you by creating the letter template. Simply add your open house details and contact information!

Open Houses, Part 2 - Put On Your Thinking Cap

This week, I want to discuss why it's so important for you to choose the right house for your open house. It's not just a matter holding an open house because one of your sellers wants you to. I want you to avoid doing that! Instead of letting the house choose you, you need to choose the house! And I'm going to tell you exactly how to do that.

Absentee Owner Introductory Letter

This is the first "hard-copy" contact with the absentee owner - you want to be sure to give the absentee owner clear, personalized, and relevant information. That is the function of the Introductory Package.  It includes 1) a letter that recaps the phone contact you made and 2) your bio sheet, which describes your business philosophy and experience.

Finding the Right Geographical Farm

Geographical farming has long been a staple of real estate agents. There's no question that geographical farming can be a successful method of lead generation. However, many agents try geo farming without success, and declare, "Geographic farming doesn't work."

But with just a little planning (and the right natural personality style), geographical farming can be a successful lead generation method.

Neighborhood New Listing Letter Series

Sending these three simple letters out to the neighbors when Denise got a listing catapulted her business! It can do the same for you. Put the power of these letters to work for you.

Article Template

This basic Publisher template is a great tool to add to your repertoire. Easily customize-able with your own branding. Enough room for a full page article, a half page article, and a quarter page call out which is just the right size for highlighting a listing.

This template is set up with .125 inch bleeds so the document size is actually 8.75 x 11.25. Don't move any content closer to the edge if you are printing out with bleeds. Check with your print provider first so the mailing section is set up correctly for how you are printing and mailing.

36 Point System

Denise talks about how to create a follow-up plan that complements your business, your personality and your clients. This is where the 36 Point System enters your business toolkit.

Open House Checklist

In order to make a strong impression at an open house, you need to slow potential buyers down - way down - so they have time to build a relationship with you. While having everything done on this checklist may be a lofty ambition, you will reap the rewards later.

Business Boost Ep2: Geographical Farming for Today's Market

Join Denise Lones and Shauna Naf as they provide you with high-impact ideas! You will learn: how to choose a productive farm area, narrowing down your list to fit your budget within that farm aream determining a mailing plan, how to make your materials and message stand out, the different homeowner personality types and how to create a compelling message for each, and how to use your listings and other recent sales to send a strong message to potential sellers in the neighborhood.

Strategies for Promoters and Supporters

Denise takes you on a tour of how to do lead generation for Promoters and Supporters - the people people. They love going out, socializing and building relationships. If you are a promoter or a supporter, learn what lead generation is a great fit for you.

Where the Fish are Biting

Where will your lead generation efforts be most rewarded? It depends on where the fish are biting! A handy excel tool for narrowing down where you should be spending your lead generation time.

Open Houses, Part 1 - Throw Open the Doors

Think open houses aren't effective in today's tech-driven society? Think again! Open houses - if done strategically - can generate more business than you would ever imagine.

Hot Open House Tips For The Summertime

Open Houses still remain on my list of top things agents should be doing right now. The market is ripe for buyers that you can educate on the current state of the market. And there is no better place to find them than at an Open House.

Who's On Your Radar?

Recently, I did an exercise with a group of agents that stunned even me. I had an idea of what it would do, but the final results were amazing. I asked a group of agents to sit down with a blank piece of paper and write out every possible lead they have in their business right now. Anyone that they've remotely talked to about the buying and selling of real estate - whether it's now, six months from now, or a year from now.

Business Boost Ep4: Open House Success Strategies

In this webinar we will cover: how some agents turned open houses into effective lead generation faucet for their business that they can turn on and off as needed, the components of a memorable open house and what you do before-during-afterwards, how to engage reticent buyers into being excited about working with you, without feeling as if you are pressuring them, and the most effective tools that will give you an enormous advantage over every other open-house agent.

How to Follow Up with 'Almost Now' Clients

I want to show you some specific tactics to handle your "Almost Now" clients - some of which may convert them into "Now" clients much sooner than you anticipated.

Lead Generation is Critical to Your Success

If you've stayed at the same level of production the last two years or if your business is not where you need to be, lead generation is your answer. Over 98% of real estate agents don’t do any form of organized lead generation other than mailing (usually very bad content) to their database.

How to Put Club Zebra Client Content into Your Mailer Template

Are you looking for the 5 minute version of how to take one of our monthly Club Zebra client articles and put it into your article mailer template that we built for you in Microsoft® Publisher™? Look no further and follow along in this quick end-to-end guide.