Follow-Up & Client Care

Your success in real estate depends on follow-up and client care. In here you'll find the tools and techniques that will keep your clients coming back for more!

Client Appreciation Event Checklist

Remember your save the date cards and check in with your vendor! What else? Oh! Don't forget the thank you notes! We cover all of this and more in this easy-to-follow checklist for client appreciation events.

Client Communication Tool List

To follow-up and communicate effectively you need to have the right marketing pieces to deliver the message. Get our list of the top tools for client communications.

36 Point System

Denise talks about how to create a follow-up plan that compliments your business, your personality and your clients. This is where the 36 Point System enters your business toolkit.

Client Database Template

Unsure of what you should be keeping track of for your leads and potential clients? Want to save a little time creating your own worksheet for doing that same tracking? Download and use our lead database tracking worksheet with Microsoft Excel®.

The Best Way to Keep In Touch With Your Past Clients

How to follow-up without seeming contrived.

Master Follow-Up Plan

Follow-up is the single most important thing that if you do it right in your business it will always guarantee results for you. Denise talks about the history of the 36-Point System, a successful and time-proven follow-up system that she developed during her many years as an active agent.

Your Most Neglected Client

I'm willing to bet it's not who you think it is. It's certainly not your "now" clients. Real estate agents are great at handling their now clients. These are the people who keep you busy all day long.

Follow-Up and Client Care: Annual Client Reviews

Annual Client Reviews allow you to continue building relationships with past clients by delivering a snapshot summary of their home's value. This video in our follow-up and client communication series discusses annual client reviews, and how to implement them in your business.

Who's On Your Radar?

Recently, I did an exercise with a group of agents that stunned even me. I had an idea of what it would do, but the final results were amazing. I asked a group of agents to sit down with a blank piece of paper and write out every possible lead they have in their business right now. Anyone that they've remotely talked to about the buying and selling of real estate - whether it's now, six months from now, or a year from now.

Client Communication Tracker

Use this Microsoft Excel worksheet to measure and track how well you are keeping in touch with your past/potential clients and your sphere.

Touring the Master Follow-Up Plan

The master follow-up plan will help you determine how to touch base with your database and earn 36 points per person per year - based on goals of the 36 Point System. Follow along as we take a tour of this critical follow-up and business organization tool.

White Paper - Creating a Database Mailer

From data and tables to content, this paper will provide you with great ideas!

Powerful Annual Client Reviews

One of the most powerful marketing tools in your client care tool belt.

To Get More Clients, Think Like a Client

You won't only get more clients, you'll wow them too!

Business Boost Ep3: Your Database, Your Goldmine

You have probably heard that it is five to eight times as expensive to find a new client than it is to retain an existing or past client. Client retention and building a fan base of referring clients is one of the most important thing you need to do to build a strong business. Join Denise Lones as she provides you with an easy-to-follow system.

The Power Of A Wow Experience

Have you ever been wowed? When was the last time you had a business experience that made you want to get on the phone and call everyone you know to tell them about it? I had such an experience recently. I had just finished teaching a class in Yakima. My associate and I faced a long trek home. We were tired and hungry.

Client Feedback

Are you ready to hear what your clients have to say? We'll talk about the value of client surveys, and why you need to think about incorporating them in your business plan.

Touring the Potential Income Tracker

In this video we tour the Potential Income Tracker. This amazing tool helps you track your "almost-now" clients - those who will likely buy or sell in the next twelve months. Follow along as we tour the features of the Potential Income Tracker.