Mastery Forums

Mastery Forums are short webinars that are hosted weekly for our coaching members. Each features a presentation on a topic that we commonly receive questions about and is ten to twenty minutes long. Attendees are also able to participate in the question-anwer session that follows the webinar presentation.

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Password Management with KeePass

You have a password for your MLS, another for Facebook, Twitter, Google, your email account, your other email account, your company intranet and the list goes on and on! On top of that, everyone wants you to use letters, numbers and other funny characters - so how are you supposed to remember it all?

In this webinar we'll share easy strategies for strong and memorable passwords, discuss the hazards of using the same password for everything, and show you an easy and effective way that you can have safe and USABLE passwords without going crazy.

Personal Self-Discipline and the Real Estate Business

Whether you have resolutions to keep or you want to change business habits for a better year, self-discipline is key to achieving your goals. Join Denise as she discusses three strategies for successful self-discipline: the five-minute rule, accountability, and your daily routine.

Posting a Video to YouTube

Are you thinking about incorporating video into your business but aren't sure where to start or even how a YouTube channel works? Join Shauna as she provides an overview of YouTube's Video Manager, discusses the three ways you can post a video for a specific audience, reviews attention-getting titles and finally, how to write a description that gets the viewership you want.

Pricing in a Hot Market

With Sellers thinking that they can ask ANY price in this hot real estate market it is critical to know how to present a realistic pricing strategy. This webinar will help you to understand not only how to price property but how to present the concept of pricing to win. Presented by Denise Lones.

Publisher 2013: The Art of Manipulating Photos, Part 1

What do you do when your Publisher template is set up for a horizontal main property photo, but the one you want to use is vertical? How do you zoom in on just one element of a photo without having to stretch the area you are displaying it in? Learn this and more with CEO Shauna Naf, all in the context of creating a monthly mailer for your clients.

Publisher 2013: The Art of Manipulating Photos, Part 2

Join presenter Shauna Naf for part two of exploring how to manipulate photos in Microsoft Publisher. In part two we will be covering putting photos in places that aren't rectangular in shape, rotation, removing background colors, creating a watermark and more.

Publisher 2016: All About Tables

Tables can be a great way to format information in a way that is easy for your clients to see and follow. Join Shauna as she shows you how to create and manipulate tables like a pro in Microsoft Publisher. From learning how to think about how your table should be formatted to choosing just the right border and formatting for size, Shauna will show you how to do it all.

Publisher 2016: Orientation Matters

Do you have materials that were built in a portrait format but there are opportunities where a landscape format is a better fit? Join Shauna as she shows you how to take your vertical Publisher files and easily convert them to the horizontal. You will also learn how to format a slide in Microsoft PowerPoint with the same content.

Renovations: 10 Common Costly Mistakes, Part 1

Inevitably you will have clients who are thinking about renovating before selling or renovating after buying. Join Denise for a tour of terrible choices that your clients should avoid at all costs. Knowing where things can go wrong in renovations can save you and your clients a lot of money and headache!

Renovations: 10 Common Costly Mistakes, Part 2

Whether you are considering a remodel for your own home or advising a buyer or seller, don't miss Denise's follow-up webinar with 10 more common mistakes. Be the hero whose planning and advice helps save both money and time with great renovation wisdom from experienced home-remodeling expert Denise Lones.

Resources for Understanding Your Market

The MLS is a fantastic resource for getting information on what is happening in your local housing market, but it may not tell the whole story. Join Shauna Naf as she shows you additional resources for finding what is happening in your area in terms of the economy, zoning, bills and legislation, and more! Presented by Shauna Naf, CEO, The Lones Group.

Seven Cool Things You Can Do With Your Logo

Bored with your client gifts? Want to add more wow factor to your open houses? Ready to step it up when it comes to leaving a lasting impression? Join Shauna as she provides you with seven (or more) interesting ways you can make promotional products work for you.

Strategies for Winter Prospecting

Looking to increase your take of wintery clientele? Join Denise Lones for this webinar that discusses three marketing strategies, with a focus on today's 2016 competitive listing market, for attracting buyers and sellers before the "spring season" has arrived.

The Holiday Client

The need for people to buy and sell property doesn't stop for the holidays and being the agent willing to do business can be lucrative during what others believe to be a "slow" time of the year. Join Denise for a discussion on who the Holiday Buyer is, what to consider when working with buyers and sellers during the holidays and the information that they need, and how to set your holiday business boundaries.

Tools for Tracking Your Business

How much did you bring in last year? Which month was your best? Historically, which months are your strongest in terms of activity? Did you know that many agents follow the same production patterns year in and year out? Do you know that by harnessing this data, you can predict your natural busy and slow times, allowing you to really plan for that downtime? Join Shauna as she shows you how to put our powerful Agent GCI and Activity tool to work for you.

Top 10 Listing Presentation Props

Join Denise Lones, President of The Lones Group as she shares with you her top ten listing presentation props. Are you just showing up with a smile and a CMA? We know you can do better! Here are ten props you should never arrive at a presentation without and tips for maximizing their use.

Touring the Business Foundations Tools

Business Foundations refers to your basic business tools - client care, identity and property marketing business tools like listing flyers, business cards and letterhead that are essential to your basic real estate agent business needs. Shauna will be giving you a tour today of these tools. Follow along with Shauna Naf as she shows you how to work with them and how they fit into your business.

Touring the Buyer Brochure

The buyer brochure can be a great piece to have at your open house, at a first time home buyer seminar and, of course, when working with potential buyers. Join Shauna as she shows you some different ideas for this document, from a four page brochure up to a multi-page package.  We'll cover printing, different formats, inserts and much more.

Touring the Geographical Farming System

If you are creating or refining your geographical farming system, join in as Shauna tours some basic tools and templates you will want to make sure your system includes as well as some extras that will knock your farm's socks off. We will discuss creating your mailing plan, targeting data, quarterly reports, event-driven materials, and an annual report that will crown you the consummate area expert. We will also discuss mailing options.

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