Mastery Forums

Mastery Forums are short webinars that are hosted weekly for our coaching members. Each features a presentation on a topic that we commonly receive questions about and is ten to twenty minutes long. Attendees are also able to participate in the question-anwer session that follows the webinar presentation.

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LinkedIn 2017

The LinkedIn social network just underwent its biggest visual change since it launched in 2002, with a major overhaul to streamline its interface. We'll be taking a look at what has changed, where to find some of your favorite features that have moved and how these changes may impact your profile strategy.

LinkedIn for Real Estate Professionals, Part 1: Setting Up Your Profile

Is your LinkedIn account luxuriating unused, unappreciated, out-of-date or just simply non-existent? Then you're missing out on the opportunity to easily network with other agents, to have a high-ranking page for search engines to index, and to be a part of one of the top networks that potential buyers and sellers use when validating you as a professional. In part one of this two-part series we'll be covering how to setup your profile as a real estate agent.

LinkedIn for Real Estate Professionals, Part 2: Leveraging Your Profile

Now that we have a professional looking profile it's time to put it to work. It's time for our profile to be more than just a validation tool. In this webinar we will be looking at how to build connections, gain endorsements, and ask for recommendations - the gold of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn for Real Estate Professionals, Part 3: Leveraging the Community

Previously we've built a strong LinkedIn profile, built connections, and sought endorsements and recommendations. In this webinar we'll be looking at additional strategies for growing our influence through LinkedIn. We'll be covering participating in groups, how to share content with your network and LinkedIn's blogging platform.

Listing Presentation Secrets

Join Denise as she shares her listing presentation secrets for success. Everything from using an agenda to props and handling objections, Denise will supply you with a formula you need to build your confidence and make your presentations a home run.

Mail Merge: Using Microsoft Publisher and Excel

If you are using letters in your business and want to harness the power of variable data, you may have a lot more power than you think! Learn more about how to add great details that help your potential sellers sit up and take notice. Shauna will be illustrating mail merge techniques using Microsoft Publisher and Excel.

MailChimp: Creating an eNewsletter

Have you been wanting to supplement your database mailings with an emailed newsletter? Or do you have potential clients who have not given you their physical address and you need a way to reach out? Join Shauna as she shows you how to create an email newsletter in MailChimp. It is much easier than you think.

Making Friends with the Money Monster

In this webinar we will be discussing how to take control of your financial affairs, net worth, the importance of a budget and money management tips for the real estate agent. We will also address the emotional side of money and how to overcome past financial failures. This is a great webinar for agents who want to understand the core elements of setting yourself up for financial success and the rules of mastering money!

Making Your Real Estate Team Accountable

From assistants to transaction coordinators and buyer agents, when you work with more than just you, you need to know where everyone is on their projects and tasks. How best to keep it all together? With expectations and accountability! Join Shauna as she delves into some simple ways you can stay on top of what is going on and be in the know.

Managing Microsoft Outlook's Contacts and Tasks

Microsoft Outlook is a powerful business and personal tool that can help you organize contacts and set-up single or recurring tasks. Join us as we look into how to add new, organize and create contact groups. We will also dive into the task tool that can help keep track and remind you of single, daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly tasks.

Managing Your Online Business Outreach with Hootsuite

Join us in this beginner's webinar where we will be looking at the Hootsuite service and how you can use it to save time on business communication by accessing all of your social networks from one convenient location. We'll walk you through account setup, connecting your social media accounts, a tour of the Hootsuite dashboard, and composing and scheduling messages for your social networks.

Managing Your Post Closing Program

Have you always wanted a system for staying close to your clients who have recently closed a transaction? Shauna will show you a very easy system to adopt and how to easily manage this utilizing a few different ways. The key is to keep it easy but have maximum impact!

Math, Your Secret Weapon

Don't worry, this class is for everyone! Your 8th grade math teacher may not have been right in that you have to use algebra regularly later in life, but in today’s Mastery forum, Shauna will be reviewing four formulas that will help you communicate more-clearly with your clients. She will show you how to break down big, abstract issues and decisions that your clients will be faced with and show you how to clearly articulate the effects of those decisions in their future.

Navigating Your Computer

In this webinar we will be presenting a beginner's level overview of how to navigate your hard-drive and libraries in Windows File Explorer, not to be confused with Internet Explorer. Presented by Heather Stevenson, Project Coordinator, and Randy Bowers, Director of Technology.

Numbers You Should Know In Your Real Estate Business

Join Denise Lones for a discussion about the numbers that define your business health. What do your numbers say about your business? Do you like working with more buyers than sellers or 'ice 'ersa? Do you ha'e regular consistent business or do your numbers show you how sporadic your acti'ities are? If you don't ha'e a fool proof plan that ensures a smooth growing business, maybe the numbers can help you create the business you want.

Organizing Your Client Database

Many agents know they need to organize their database, but they get stuck on how exactly to go about doing that. Should they just put everyone in there with no categories? Just have a category for past clients and nothing else? Should they note whether a client has provided them with referrals? What about if they are part of a niche market? Using Excel, Shauna show you how to put your database together, ideas for categories, and how sort your database so it is usable.

Organizing Your Content

Do you regularly post on social media? Do you do videos or blog? Do you utilize articles and create other content? If you are like most people, determining the idea for the what to post or write about can almost be as cumbersome as the writing or content creation itself. Join Shauna as she shows you how to keep track of your content and ideas to keep your creative mind flowing!

Outlook Power Tips for Staying Organized and Communicating Clearly

Join Heather as she shows you additional ways to keep organized and improve your communication in Microsoft Outlook. We will talk about setting up and using categories, customizing columns, asking for read receipts, using the "direct replies to" option and inserting photos into the body of your email.

Password Management with KeePass

You have a password for your MLS, another for Facebook, Twitter, Google, your email account, your other email account, your company intranet and the list goes on and on! On top of that, everyone wants you to use letters, numbers and other funny characters - so how are you supposed to remember it all?

In this webinar we'll share easy strategies for strong and memorable passwords, discuss the hazards of using the same password for everything, and show you an easy and effective way that you can have safe and USABLE passwords without going crazy.

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