Mastery Forums

Mastery Forums are short webinars that are hosted weekly for our coaching members. Each features a presentation on a topic that we commonly receive questions about and is ten to twenty minutes long. Attendees are also able to participate in the question-anwer session that follows the webinar presentation.

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Finding Fabulous Photos

Need to spruce up a mailer and give it life? Need a great photo for your buyer or seller package? Putting together a blog post and need it to pop? Join Shauna as she shows you some different stock photography sites, how to find good photos, stock photo site membership options, what you need to know about licensing and more!

Finessing Your Branded Templates

What do you do if you find you need a template at the last minute but don't necessarily have that particular template in your toolbox? Why, take a look at what you have and do some finessing! In this forum, Shauna will show you how to:

  • Create a home book cover out of a house flyer
  • Create an open house invitation out of a just listed card
  • Create a holiday greeting card with a note card template

The templates we give you are just the beginning of what you can do! Let your creativity run wild and get excited about the possibilities.

Five Ways to Put the Future Value Calculator to Work for You

You might have heard about the Future Value Calculator, but have you thought about how you can use it in your business with clients? From working with on-the-fence buyers to running move-up buyer scenarios, the Future Value Calculator can become the go-to tool in your real estate toolbox. Join Shauna Naf, Calculator Creator as she shares her ideas and know-how with you.

Getting Organized with Microsoft Outlook

Join hosts Heather Stevenson and CEO Shauna Naf as they walk you through getting organized with Microsoft® Outlook™. In this introductory webinar we'll be showing you systems for organizing your email into folders, how to setup automatic signatures and tricks for sorting through and searching your email archives.

Glyphs, Symbols and Bullets in Microsoft Publisher

Want to create a bullet list, but don’t want to use the typical dots? Need a special character for another language? Want to use a Registered Trademark or Copyright symbol? Join Shauna as she takes you on a tour of how to use glyphs, symbols, and bullets in Publisher.

Handling Buyer Objections in a Fast Market

Working with buyers in a fast market can be tough for agents to navigate. With the fast pace of the market and the competitive nature of offers, an agent has to be able to work fast and to navigate buyer objections.  Come learn how to dialog with your buyers to get them in tip top buying shape. Learn how to handle even the toughest buyer objections. Presented by Denise Lones, CSP, CMP, MIRM.

Hiring and Keeping Great People, Part 1: Let What You Need Dictate Who You Need

This is the first in a series of three from CEO Shauna Naf. In this webinar we'll be talking about how task management and delegation should drive your search for the perfect candidate. Shauna will be addressing some of the common tasks a busy real estate agent needs to delegate and how to fit the right personality type for the task list.

Hiring and Keeping Great People, Part 2: Attracting and Evaluating Great Candidates

Shauna will be reviewing mediums for advertising and word-of-mouth techniques for spreading the word about your hiring intent. But what happens if you are inundated with resumes? Shauna makes narrowing down the field a breeze! She also discusses the interview process and how to get beyond the list of interview questions to find clues about how your interviewee will actually perform for you.

Hiring and Keeping Great People, Part 3: Training and Performance

So many great people are hired who never live up to their potential because they haven't had valuable interaction with their employer. Shauna will be illustrating how to set up a plan for expectations, accountability, and appreciation that allows an employee to not only be good, but great, as they grow into their role. This is part three in Shauna's hiring series and I encourage you to take a look at parts one and two which covered identifying needs and hiring the right person.

How to Add Bleeds to a Document for Professional Printing

What do you do when you have a file in either Microsoft Publisher or Adobe InDesign and you need to convert it to include printing bleeds? Follow along as Shauna shows you how it is done!

How to Become a Smart Rental Owner

You are a real estate agent. You work with property every day and now you're thinking, "Maybe I could use my real estate knowledge to manage a rental for extra income." Being an agent definitely has its advantages, but before you take the plunge to become a landlord there are things you must learn. Join Denise Lones as she shares what it takes to operate a residential rental: management, accounting, pre-screening and how to reduce your risks of costly pitfalls or getting sued.

How to Create a Photo Book in Shutterfly

A photo book is one of the highest-impact items you can have in your listing presentation toolbox. Get over the hurdle and watch Shauna create a photo book on Shutterfly from start to finish.

How To Use the Assessed Value Analysis

Assessed values can be a handy yardstick to measure against the market. Homeowners receive property taxes based on their assessed values every year. Learn how to use this figure to talk about the real estate market. The Assessed Value Analysis is an easy worksheet that you can use for a number of different occasions from helping you determine market price to talking with your sellers about a value they are familiar with and more! Presented by Shauna Naf, CEO.

Improving Your Local Search Profile

We'll be sharing some introductory information about how search engines identify you as a local business and how that impacts where you appear in search results. We'll also be taking a detailed look at the free Local Search tool available from Seattle based company, and how it can help guide you to a stronger local search presence.

Installing Fonts on Your Personal Computer

In this webinar we will be showing you how to install fonts in both Windows 7 and in Windows 8 so that you can use them with the marketing materials that we have created for you. Presented by Randy Bowers, Director of Technology.

Introduction to Tax Liens as an Investment Strategy

This introduction to tax liens is designed to provide you with an overview of the process so that you can determine if this is an investment strategy that you want to learn more about. Join Denise as she covers lien basics, tax lien certificates and deeds, as well as the municipal process for tax liens. She will also share tips for how to separate good tax lien opportunities from bad ones.

Jump-Start Your New Year

Want to start your year off with a bang? Forget all those business plans that have you note you income or transaction goals with no plan to get there. What you need is an action plan! Join Denise as she outlines the one-time and ongoing tasks you need to master in your business for the coming year.

Learning to Graph Market Data

Are you interested in having more ownership over market stats but aren't sure what to do with them? Join Shauna as she shows you how to track MLS information and how to create graphs. She will show you how to adjust the graphs as you add additional information, and how to customize the graphs with your own color and font palette. She will also show you how to save the graphs to be used in Microsoft Publisher and Powerpoint.

LinkedIn 2017

The LinkedIn social network just underwent its biggest visual change since it launched in 2002, with a major overhaul to streamline its interface. We'll be taking a look at what has changed, where to find some of your favorite features that have moved and how these changes may impact your profile strategy.

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